Here are the 13 most Instagrammed places in Canada in 2015

Dec 20 2017, 3:23 am

Canada is full of beautiful places just begging for an Instagram snap. With such a diverse array of natural splendour, it’s no surprise Instagram is full of millions of photos of Canadian locales.

The hashtag #Canada has more than 15 million posts alone. #ExploreCanada has around 770,000 posts and #CanadasWonderland has more than 80,000 – there’s no shortage of gorgeous shots of our country.

So what are the most Instagrammed spots in Canada? compiled a list of them by province and territory. From Aurora Village in the Northwest Territories to Grouse Mountain in B.C., here is the complete list.

British Columbia: Grouse Mountain

While British Columbia is teaming with natural beauty – a never-ending plethora of trees and mountains, as well as the Pacific Ocean – one spot came out on top, and that was Grouse Mountain.

Located in North Vancouver, Grouse Mountain is a popular ski and snowboard destination during the winter and home to the notoriously difficult Grouse Grind hiking trail during the summer months. The views of Vancouver are breathtaking and it’s just a 20 minute drive from Downtown Vancouver (depending on city traffic, of course).

Grouse Mountain Skyride views

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Back home (more like 30 minutes from it) #vancity #grousemountain #yvr A photo posted by Jacob Kim (@j.k._xd) on

Alberta: Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a stunning glacial lake in Banff, Alberta and is named after the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta. The lake is known for a having a gorgeous emerald green colour and has a variety of hiking trails nearby during the summer months.

The Lake Louise Ski Area also offer cross-country and alpine skiing. Some of the trails are also open to horseback riding, offering an idyllic shot perfect for Instagram.

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Saskatchewan: University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan is the most Instagrammed place in the prarie province, and it’s no surprise; the campus is right across from Saskatoon’s City Centre and located next to the South Saskatchewan River. The campus itself was established in 1907, and many of the original buildings still exist, which means there are some cool shots of old architecture floating around.

Because of the biting cold during the winter, all the original buildings are now connected by skywalks and tunnels.

Its that time of the year again.. #BackToSchool #usask #universityofsaskatchewan #yxe #saskatoon A photo posted by Ridwan (@rilly2000) on

Manitoba: Lake Winnipeg

Coming in at number one for Manitoba is Lake Winnipeg. The lake is remnants from the prehistoric Glacial Lake Agassiz and boasts over 1,800 kilometres of shoreline.

Despite having clear, sparkling waters, the lake isn’t without environmental concerns. Algae blooms that are caused by excessive amounts of phosphorous plague the lake, but in spite of it all, it still came out on top.

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I will never get over these Lake Winnipeg views #lakewinnipeg #lakelife #manitoba

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Ontario: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada, so it’s no surprise the falls topped the list of most Instagrammed places in Ontario. The three water falls border New York State and Ontario and around six million cubic feet of water falls over the crest every minute.

What the falls lack in height, they more than make up in width and are a valuable source of hydroelectric power.

Retrospectiva 10 fotos mais curtidas de 2015: Niagara Falls – Canada. Niagara Falls é incrível, independente da época do ano que você vá pra lá. Porém, os passeios são bem diferentes e variam de acordo com a estação. Caso você visite as cataratas no verão, é possível fazer um passeio de barco (Maid of the Mist) que chega bem próximo as quedas d’água. Já no inverno, como parte das cataratas e do rio congela, o passeio oferecido é feito a pé e você explora o local através de túneis que te levam a parte de trás da Horseshow Falls. Uma atração que não muda é a Skylon Tower, uma torre com observatório que fica a 160 metros de altura. PS: Todos esses passeios são oferecidos do lado canadense. A photo posted by Anderson Spinelli (@andyspinelli) on

#niagarafalls #waterfall #toronto A photo posted by 张馨文 (@jzxwen) on

Yukon: Yukon Wildlife Preserve

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve wins for the most Instagrammed place in the territory. It’s a preserve featuring 13 different species of unique wildlife in their natural habitats, such as the lynx, mountain goats, and the oh-so Canadian moose.

Boasting over 700 acres of space and with animals abound, it’s no wonder the preserve is the most Instagrammed place in the Yukon.

One of those days where you watch #Moose eat rather than eat Moose #yukonwildlifepreserve #exploreyukon

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Lynx @#yukonwildlifepreserve A photo posted by Mark Rogerson (@rojo________) on

Northwest Territories: Aurora Village

Aurora Village in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories is a popular tourist destination to view the spectacular Northern Lights. Aurora Village is completely owned and operated by Aboriginal people and they offer complete, unobstructed views of the lights from their facilities.

Quebec: Bell Centre

Home to the Montreal Canadiens, Bell Centre (or for French speakers, Centre Bell) is a massive sports and entertainment complex in Montreal. Since its opening in 1996, it’s ranked consistently as one of the busiest arenas in the world and usually receives the highest attendance of any sports arena in Canada. Yowza.

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Nunavut: Baffin Island

Baffin Island is the fifth largest island in the world and the largest in all of Canada and is home to Nunavut’s capital, Iqaluit. The island is home to a diverse set of wildlife, from polar bears, to caribou and even a subspecies of grey wolf exclusive to the island.

With all of that, how could Baffin Island not top the list for most Instagrammed spot in Nunavut?

“Arctic Wonderland” Cold and crispy day on Baffin Island with the view from the outside of my tent, at the base of Mt. Asgard seems like a proper selection for today, the Winter’s Solstice also known as the shortest day in the year (Dec. 22, 2015). With this image I would also like to wish everybody Happy Holidays, many interesting photo-landscape voyages (preferably with me lots of various shades of joy and all the best in the New Year!.#artsyheaven #ARTEOBJETIVA #allnatureshots #awesome_earthpix #baffinisland #digitalarmy #discoverearth #earthpix #enjoycanada #explorecanada #instagood #igs_america #igworldclub #ig_heartshot #ig_wildplace #instaworld_love #landscapesofinstagram #marvelshots #phototag_it #thebest_capture #worldshotz #natureaddictsun#iglightshots#loves_mountains#nature#travel_shotz#earthofficial#snow_perfection#vancitybuzz#natgeo

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Newfoundland and Labrador: Marble Mountain

While Newfoundland and Labrador isn’t exactly known for prime skiing, a ski resort managed to top the list for this province. Marble Mountain is the largest alpine ski resort in Atlantic Canada and averages 16 feet of snow every year. Marble Mountain was a key spot when Corner Brook hosted the 1999 Canada Winter Games.

Marble mountain almost ready? #marblemountain #marble #skihill #snow #firstrealsnowfall #whitechristmas

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Can’t wait for my last season #marblemountain #skiing #snow #winter #explorenewfoundland

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Nova Scotia: Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail is a gorgeous scenic highway in Nova Scotia that stretches nearly 300 kilometres along the coast. The northern section of the highway winds through Cape Breton Highlands National Park and passes through several charming Nova Scotian communities.

#classicshot of the #CabotTrail #CapeBreton #NovaScotia #VisitNovaScotia #Canada

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New Brunswick: Chocolate Cove

Deer Island in New Brunswick is home to Chocolate Cove, a stunning spot that’s perfect for hiking the nearby Eagle Shadow Trail and having a picnic.

Not lost just wandering… #deerisland #photoadventure #newbrunswick #bayoffundy

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Prince Edward Island: Cavendish Beach

This gorgeous natural sand beach stretches eight kilometres along PEI’s coast and is located in the Prince Edward Island National Park.

Take a step back to move forward #pei#cavendishbeach

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