Morning Buzz: Own The Throne

It’s game day. Today the NHL Playoffs will commence and our beloved Vancouver Canucks will take on the 8th seed Los Angeles Kings. Enroute to work today one could sense the excitement that has gripped the city. It was a little busier than your typical Vancouver work morning at 6:30 am and full of people going to work in Canucks gear. The longer days and playoff game days have that effect on people. Go to work early, leave early to catch the game and hang with fellow fans.

How far will the Canucks go this year? We asked our panel that very question and it stirred up an interesting debate.  However, when it comes to playoff predictions or reliable news reporting I head on over to The Onion. According to the sports prophets at The Onion, the Canucks have an excellent chance at winning it all and it’s all thanks to you the douche bags.

Vancouver Canucks: Their fans will brutally murder the children they have taken hostage if any team beats the Canucks, so it looks like smooth sailing for Vancouver

The Onion isn’t the only one predicting great things for the Canucks this post season. The Bleacher Report has the Canucks playing against the Penguins in the finals and EA sports simulator for the first round predicts the Canucks taking the Kings out in 6.

The playoff viewing “parties” will also commencebut just in case those lame excuses for a celebration don’t have you pumped up check out this video.

Remember to submit photos of your playoff beards for our first ever contest!

Image By Grrambo