Moon Festival Tea Service at The Urban Tea Merchant

The Urban Tea Merchant are back again this year to bring the Moon Festival celebration in a culinary fashion. 

platter moon festival tea service

Along with the Moon Festival Tea Service comes with a TWG Tea mooncake. The TWG Tea infused mooncakes are quite unique to Vancouver, as they are hand crafted in Singapore and blended with various tea infusions that gives each customer a long lasting memory. Even if you do not celebrate the Moon Festival, the mooncake is a delicacy that must be tried!

Before the meal arrived, customers are given a small glass of chilled soup to cleanse the palette and refresh their tastebuds. The current soup made by the chef is a chilled potato soup with leek.

chilled potato leek soup

To accompany the upcoming Asian inspired cuisine, The Urban Tea Merchant suggests several themed teas to go along with the tea service. Popular options include the Silver Moon Tea and the Singapore Breakfast Tea. For something more luxurious, the Longevity Tea is the perfect companion to the meal. It is a rare white tea that you will slowly taste when sipped.

The savouries of the mooncake consists of the regular favourites, such as the “Lapsang Souchong Tea” chicken cone, miso-maple glazed sable fish in butter lettuce, and the smoked salmon with ponzu jelly.

"Lapsang Souchong Tea" chicken cone

“Lapsang Souchong Tea” chicken cone

An additional savoury is the “Royal Orchid Tea” petite duck crepe. This miniature crepe contains fine pieces of duck and sauce that reminds me of Asian cuisine, with a touch of uniqueness with its blended tea.

“Royal Orchid Tea” petite duck crepe

“Royal Orchid Tea” petite duck crepe

The sweets that are part of the Moon Festival Tea Service, of course includes a TWG Tea Mooncake and a “Silver Moon Tea” red bean chilled soup. The red bean chilled soup is definitely not what it is usually served as a dessert in regular Chinese restaurants. With the Silver Moon Tea infused into it plus the cocounut milk on top, the red bean chilled soup was quite unique.

chilled red bean soup

There are four different types of TWG Tea mooncakes named Constellation, Pagoda, Dragon, and Moonlight. Each mooncake contains a different type of tea infusion and other types of nuts, fruits, or seeds.

twg tea mooncake

The rabbit is an additional garnish that represents an ancient Chinese folklore.

The Constellation Mooncake is a classic mooncake that contains the salted egg yolk center. The mooncake is infused with Longevity Tea. Encased inside the golden crust is lotus paste with hints of ginger, and roasted melon seeds. Not only does the mooncake reflect tradition but its additional ingredients shows that tradition can evolve. 

constellation mooncake

To continue with the moon theme, a piece of dragon fruit is cut to imitate a crescent moon.

moon shaped dragonfruit

The Urban Tea Merchant’s Moon Festival Tea Service is a unique way to celebrate the Moon Festival with friends and family. If you don’t want to stick to just Asian cuisine, this tea service is worth trying. If you want to just try the mooncake, they can also be purchased individually or in a gift set.

urban tea merchant mooncake gifts

The Moon Festival Tea Service ends on September 19th.

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