Montreal vs BC: The Battle of CFL Supremacy

It was a matchup of the league’s tight-fisted defence up against the CFL’s most tense offence with the Lions overpowering opposing pivots and the Als grinding opposing defenders.So it seems to be a reoccurring thing that Travis Lulay always has a long time to get the motor starting in games, and against Montreal was no difference.  But once he got into a groove in the game, he started to march up the field like he was Tim Tebow in the 4th quarter.  He eventually found spiderman, Arland Bruce over the middle for a 10 yard strike in the end zone to tie the game up late in the 1st.

Lions defence came to play also, Korey Banks gathered in a tip ball in the 2nd quarter for his 35th interception in his career to set up a big field goal from veteran kicker McCallum to take a 11-10 lead.  The Lions eventually entered halftime down 17-11 and down Geroy Simon due to injury.  Tim Brown would eventually pick up the slack in the 2nd half, he returned a kickoff for 63 yards, and punt for 52 yards to set up two field goals by Paul McCallum to tie the game up at 17.  But the Als offense was too much on this day for the Lions defence as they would eventually grab the lead again.

But if anyone knows Travis Lulay, they would know he’s a competitor, and he wouldn’t be outdone by Anthony Calvillo, leading another Tim Tebow like charge down the field, Lulay found spiderman again for another Touchdown, and the Lions were back in front 25-24.  But Calvillo, being the stubborn old man he is, would score another touchdown to take the lead late in the game 30-25; he would miss a 2 point conversion to SJ Green.

Lulay would come back out again and channel his inner Tim Tebow, but wouldn’t be able to convert the last second touchdown to Spiderman, and Montreal would win the first of two games in two weeks with the two teams.

The Battle for CFL and Poutine supremacy continues this Saturday at BC Place. Kickoff is at 1 PM. You can catch the game on Team 1410.  Come watch your Lions roar as Playoffs draw closer, can the Lions complete a back to back grey cup victory? Or will they get shut out in the playoffs? With no hockey this fall, make sure to follow the BC Lions.