Money may not grow on trees, but on May 29 it will fall from the sky

Dec 19 2017, 10:19 am

For once, dropping the ball is actually a good thing. On May 29, over 5,000 numbered golf balls will get hoisted by a crane and dropped onto the beautiful greens of Swan-e-set Bay Resort & Country Club. The massive ball drop is in support of the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation (ERHF) and their annual Charity Golf Classic.

You don’t have to be a great golfer to enter ERHF’s Golf Ball Drop. In fact, you could be the worst golfer in the world and still win big. Closest ball to the pin wins. The prize? First place wins the $10,000 cash; $1,500 for 2nd place; $1,000 for 3rd – all without the raffle participants actually hitting a ball. “To support our hospital, you don’t need to know the difference between a putter and a 5-iron. For the price of a raffle ticket you’re really helping your community. When you purchase your tickets for Golf Ball Drop you help the hospital and then we’re all winners,” says Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation Executive Director, Charlene Giovannetti-King.

Win or lose, your $10 purchase helps ERHF raise funds for the rapidly growing needs of the tri-cities hospital – state of the art medical equipment, improved medical facilities, and more hospital staffing. ERHF has purchased over $9 million dollars of medical equipment for the hospital thanks to the generous donations of community members.

You can join ERHF for the Charity Golf Classic for a day of golfing, prizes, and networking – or simply buy a raffle ticket to support the foundation and take your chances on winning the big 10K.

What would you buy with $10,000? Mark your tweets with #What10kBuys and share your stories with Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation @ERHF1. Visit to learn more or purchase your tickets.

Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, Ball Drop

Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, Ball Drop