Monday morning fashion fix- Men and colored pants

Dec 19 2017, 1:30 pm

Happy Monday, everyone! This was a request topic from a reader so I thought I’d take it head on this morning and get your color pant loving men sorted out. Being a guy sometimes limits your bottoms to dark denim, dark denim, or what’s that other one? Dark denim. But worry no more, Spring is here (somewhere in between the days of rain and more rain) so that means you and your legs have full permission to rock colored pants. Here’s the how to guide in doing it right!

Forever 21 Classic Denim Pants$25.90 / Wings and Horns Enzyme Wash Moto Sweatpants $199

Start safe if you don’t feel compelled to wear hot pink jeans right off the bat. Just because you’re going with safe blue doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are about 230230 different shades of blue, pick one you’re comfortable with. I’ve included 2 shades that will work for you, thank me later.

Joe Fresh Slim colored jeans $39 / H&M trousers $59.95

Once you’ve mastered the art of blue, feel free to get a little cray. The next obvious choice would be some sort of red and/or orange hue (notice the theme of primary colors, baby steps my friend). Contrary to popular fashion faux pas beliefs, colored pants can be pulled off any anyone, it just has to be the right color. If you don’t want to break the bank, these are great to start off with.

Okay everyone still on board? Once you feel like you’ve graduated from the blues and reds, then you are ready for these bad boys…

Old Navy Broken in Khakis $34.94 $20.00 / Band of Outsiders Classic Chino$330 / Minimal Denim pants $125

My favorite is actually the yellow. It really solidifies the purpose of wearing colored bottoms, to stand out! If you’re wondering what you should wear with these types of pants, I got you covered as well.

Banana Republic Vintage V-neck t-shirt $35 / H&M Cardigan $39.95 / Zara bow loafers $95.90

The unwritten rule (I’m ignoring last season’s craze of color blocking here) is if you’re going to have a party from the waist down, keep the top half nice and mellow. As much as you might feel the need to wear a bright shirt to go with your even brighter pants, sometimes less is more..and in this case, that rule applies. You probably already have the necessary pieces, a buttery soft t-shirt, a sweater, a pair of neutral shoes, or in my personal preference a pair of fresh Jordans, and voila… hot mess, no more!

I hope this was useful to those looking for a life outside the dark denim bottom world. Feel free to send us photos on how you’re rockin your colored bottoms, we’d love to see you men doing it right.


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