Monday Fashion Fix - Men's Do's and Don'ts of Spring!

Dec 19 2017, 5:34 am

Good day beautiful Vancouverites (and all the neighboring “ites” as well). Happy April, we’re ¾ into the year and 2012 shows no signs of slowing down. Before you put away your winter coats and bring out your man-pris. Here’s a quick Spring Do and Don’t for the men that are wandering aimlessly throughout the city looking for a fashion clue. Thank me later.

Vicky approved casual woven shorts from Forever21. $28.00 on sale for $14.00

Don’t wear shorts that leave little to the imagination. Do find an appropriate length pair of shorts, and stretch, that won’t scare the ladies away. It kind of pains me to even have to say this but men, if your shorts are 4 inches above your knees, please turn around get sorted out. I get that you’ve been working out and want to show others what your mama gave you but how am I going to take you seriously if all I’m staring at are your tight shorts!? Or maybe that’s what you want me to do…. Either way, if you’re going to wear them, make sure they hit at the knees and not an inch shorter. I’m serious.

Don’t let your toes see sunshine without getting groomed. Do get a pedicure. I don’t care what you say, real men get pedicures. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little TLC for your little piggies. I’m not asking you to get French tips, I’m asking you to get your cuticles cut and your toes cleaned! The good weather calls for sandals (sans socks please) and flip flops, so don’t get caught slippin! Just because you’re not wearing your Loubs sneakers doesn’t mean we’re not still checkin out your feet.

Which leads me to my next do/don’t tip. If you’re wearing shorts, and you’re not into showing your toes just yet, do make sure you have proper foot gear. And no, you’re not allowed to wear your new balances with shorts. Winter foot wear doesn’t necessarily transfer into spring foot wear. Say it with me, I shall invest in proper shoes for when I’m showing off my ankles/legs. Say yes to these Supreme x Clarks shoes $158.00, as well as these Zara sliders $96.00

This was just a short guide on how to attract the ladies, if you want more let me know and I’ll make sure you’re in tip top shape this spring and summer. Feel free to hit me up with any fashion questions/concerns/help. I’ll be more than happy to help. Until then, find me here, and here. Ciao!

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