Moksha Gives Back

Moksha – more than just hot yoga.

In Vancouver, everyone and their uncle has tried yoga. But yoga is such a complex discipline that means so many different things to different people. Thus, hundreds of styles have sprung up around the continent, leading practitioners down one vein or another.

One particular group of studios has been innovative in their approach to yoga, constantly allowing the “style” that they teach to evolve with the times, but staying true to 7 principles or “pillars”. This style is called Moksha Yoga, and is a sequenced form of hot yoga, founded by 2 young-but-wise environmental activists: Jess Robertson and Ted Grand.  The 7 pillars that they abide by are: Be Healthy, Be Green, Be Accessible, Live to learn, Community, Reach out, and Be Peace. After all, yoga has roots in spiritual principles, not just bendy postures.

These values are not taken lightly. Moksha Studios across North America, although separately owned and operated, all come together to uphold these principles. They all participate in Carbon off-setting, contribute weekly classes to charitable organizations, encourage continued growth and learning through campaigns called “living your Moksha” and “speak your peace”.
(See the Speak your peace video HERE)

Moksha has been so true to their values as a community, recently raising $40,000 in just 2 months to protect the earth, that even David Suzuki is on board with what Moksha is all about. (See David’s video HERE)

All this good-will is one thing, but Moksha studios offer amazing kick-your butt sweaty classes, all with the concept that anyone can do yoga. From stressed students, to elite athletes, retirees and stay-at-home moms; lives have been transformed for the better!

Regular “Moksha” classes are hatha classes in a hot room that focus on strength, focus and balance; then there are the flow classes, which are faster-paced cardiovascular classes. All classes are intelligently sequenced so that one pose leads to the next pose in a thoughtful and safe manner. The radiant heat acts to warm up the muscles which prevents injury, increases blood flow, promotes sweat, increases heart rate, and helps with focus.

In the lower mainland, there are 3 separately owned Moksha Studios: Vancouver, East Van, and Burnaby. Each studio adds a different touch to their space. (For example the Vancouver studio offers complimentary fruit after class. Nothing better than biting into a crisp apple after a killer work-out!) Each studio offers an introductory month too; $40 for a potentially life-shifting experience doesn’t sound too bad at all….

Article Written by: Kim Scarrow