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Healthy, glowing skin is the most sought after result for cosmetics companies and their consumers alike. If you are like most women, you have tried it all: creams, lotions, masks, facials and possibly more extreme measures like botox and cosmetic surgery. Although some of these options may work, they often only provide a temporary solution.

So what is the secret to healthy, radiant, and natural looking skin?

Collagen! 75 percent of the body is comprised of collagen as it supports our skin, joints, internal organs, and bones. As we grow older, the depletion of collagen occurs at a faster rate than what our body can produce, which leads to sagging skin, fine lines, and cellulite.

For the past decade, the Japanese have defied aging by incorporating collagen into their daily diet. When compared to topical products that contain collagen, the consumption of this supplement is more effective, because its natural form is too large for the skin to absorb. It is only when collagen has gone through a process of “hydrolysis” and then consumed, can your body easily absorb it for maximum results from the inside out.

One product that has recently gained vast popularity in the Lower Mainland is Mitsuwa Collagen Pure, a high quality Japanese dietary supplement. It contains 100% pure hydrolyzed collagen in powder form with no other additives. Each dose is also conveniently packaged in individual sachets. Simply mix the powder into any of your favourite drinks such as tea and enjoy. Collagen Pure imparts no taste or odour that will interfere with your taste buds.

However, if you follow a strict vegetarian diet, Collagen Pure may not be right for you. Collagen Pure is sourced from porcine skin, which is most genetically alike to human skin when compared to bovine and marine sources. Porcine has also been successfully used in numerous surgical procedures and cosmetics with less allergic responses.

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Available at: Alive Health Centre, Supplements Plus, and other health and wellness stores.


We are giving away Mitsuwa health and beauty prize packages (which consists of 1 Mitsuwa Collagen Pure and 1 Mitsuwa Reishi Hand cream) to TWO lucky winners!

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