‘It is a miracle’: Missing dog found after 3 weeks

Dec 19 2017, 8:26 pm

A massive search to find a missing Goldendoodle that involved helicopters, professional pet searchers and blood hounds came to a happy end Saturday after the pup was found safe and sound – three weeks after his disappearance.

Scout went missing north of Whistler on February 5 on a group hike with a dog walker, while owner Kate O’ Sullivan was on vacation in Hawaii.

After cutting her trip short and flying back to Vancouver, she launched what can only be described as a Herculean effort to find her beloved three-year-old canine.

She organized daily group searches in the mountainous area, scouring the isolated terrain by foot. Flyers were distributed in the area and a huge social media push was made through her Instagram page and Facebook.

When that failed, she spent $2,788 to hire Petsearchers Canada to bring in blood hounds to track her dog’s scent.

There were also helicopter flyovers in the area. A GoFundMe campaign to fund the mounting expenses raised more than $7,000 in mere days as sympathetic animal lovers donated to help.

There were numerous sightings of the dog in the past few weeks, but all proved to be fruitless.

“I truly thought he was gone,” Kate wrote in an Instagram post.

But hope came after a fellow dog owner who recognized Scout reported seeing the dog in Pemberton Saturday.  

After calling him over, he got into her car and hopped on her lap.

Kate quickly drove to meet the woman, but said she didn’t get her hopes up because there had been many false sightings.  

But then as she pulled up she saw that the dog was indeed Scout.

“I stopped the car, ran down the road like a sobbing mess and he was there!” Kate wrote.

“The woman who found Scout is refusing the reward money and said from one dog mama to another she is just glad he’s home.”

Miraculously, Scout wasn’t injured at all, but he is “quite fragile” and his feet are quite raw. He lost a lot of weight.   

“We started antibiotic treatments and some high calorie food,” Kate said.

As Scout heals, Kate is thanking everyone who shared his story, aided the search and “sent positive vibes.”

“Thank you so much to everyone who shared, posted, sent positive vibes, kind words, searched and had to deal with me over the past three weeks. It is a miracle, like winning the lottery. But better,” she wrote.