7 eco-friendly Vancouver businesses you can support right now

Jul 15 2020, 9:16 am

“MINI Adventures” is a content series powered by the new all-electric MINI Cooper SE and Daily Hive, taking you on a virtual tour of eco-friendly and progressive businesses that you can support in your city. 

How we think about and approach shopping changes as we grow older. A pandemic can change one’s mindset pretty quickly, too, and prompt us to reconsider our needs as consumers.

At a time when there is much uncertainty in the world, many people want to support local businesses that align with their values and promote a greener future. We’re also more conscious of the impacts our purchases have on the planet and the carbon footprint they leave.

The choices we make today have the power to make tomorrow a more sustainable place in which to live. It could be as simple as where you do your grocery shopping or buy your jeans that makes a big impact.

Instead of focusing on the things you can’t control, think about what’s possible by supporting innovators in the local community. We’ve curated a list of eco-friendly businesses in Vancouver to help you get started.



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Grocery stores can end up with a lot of excess waste, and this is something marine biologist and the founder of Nada, Brianne Miller, set out to change. The Vancouverite created a completely package-free grocery store to reduce waste throughout the supply chain and provide a shopping environment that focuses exclusively on high-quality items — nothing else. Bring your reusable totes with you when you safely shop at the store to support a lighter world.

Address: 675 East Broadway
Instagram: @nadagrocery

Native Shoes

As consumers, we have the power to physically leave a greener footprint by wearing sustainably-made Native Shoes. The brand’s purpose in footwear and philosophy is to “live lightly.” Since 2009, the brand has been dedicated to making durable and comfortable everyday shoes from innovative materials. Every pair of Native Shoes is set to be 100% life cycle managed by 2023, and you can start recycling any pre-loved pairs now.

Address: 14 Water Street
Instagram: @nativeshoes

ARC Apparel


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Inspiring confidence and positive change is the mission of ARC Apparel’s founder, Sarah Stewart. Stewart was driven by her passion for reducing the impact that fast fashion and textile waste have on our planet to launch a marketplace for sustainable and ethically-sourced fashion. ARC Apparel researches the fashion industry and only sources brands that are manufacturing ethically or sustainably or giving back through their business model, like Joah Brown, Stojo, and People Tree.

Address: 306 West Cordova Street
Instagram: @arcapparelca

Kind Cafe

As a zero-waste and vegan haven, Kind Cafe has plenty of options for anyone who wishes to explore plant-based dishes in a physically distanced environment. The restaurant (which also has a grocery service) was brought to life by Samantha and Marvin Emerman, a father-daughter duo eager to support sustainability, the health of Vancouverites, and local suppliers. The pair responded to the city’s growing demand for more plant-based foods, and today, they source ingredients locally for everything from their kind bowls to buffalo cauliflower flatbreads.

Address: 3080 Main Street
Instagram: @kindcafeyvr

The Soap Dispensary


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In 2011, Linh Truong opened The Soap Dispensary to give Vancouver its first-ever zero-waste shop dedicated to premium soap refills and personal care products. Following the success of the store, she launched a zero-waste grocery and DIY ingredients shop right next door with Kitchen Staples. Today, her stores contain a curated selection of locally-sourced and biodegradable products available for refills. Bring your own reusable containers and shop in a socially-distanced setting or order for delivery online.

Address: 3718 Main Street
Instagram: @thesoapdispensary

Pulpfiction Books

Anyone who enjoys reading can look to Vancouver’s three independent Pulpfiction Books stores for used and out-of-print titles, plus new options. Chris Brayshaw opened the first of his bookstores in 2000, and today, his stores have more than 80,000 books available for sale. Pulpfiction Books doesn’t operate off algorithms and promotes the second-hand economy by helping locals find treasured books even if they are not available on the shelves at the time of visiting.

Address: 2422 Main Street | 2754 West Broadway | 1830 Commercial Drive
Instagram: @pbvan

The Fish Counter


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On Main Street, Robert Clark and Mike McDermid established The Fish Counter eatery and market to give locals an option for healthy, fresh, and responsibly-sourced seafood. The pair is dedicated to providing the community with sustainable Ocean Wise seafood from local fishers and farmers who are committed to doing things right. If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable seafood, strike up a conversation with Clark or McDermid when picking up fish ‘n’ chips, chowder, or groceries for takeout.

Address: 3825 Main Street
Instagram: @thefishcounteronmain

Exploring Vancouver’s most sustainable businesses is better when you know you’re making an impact before you set out to go shopping. Whether you’re heading out to collect something for pickup, or perusing the shelves at a safe distance, reaching each location in a vehicle like the new all-electric MINI Cooper SE lets you do this with low impact, zero emissions, and instant acceleration due to battery-powered driving technology.

MINI Canada and the MINI Electric lineup are passionate about making tomorrow’s urban living environment a more sustainable place. To discover how MINI Electric can get you around the city in eco-friendly style, click here.

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