Miller and Ferraro get hostile over equipment size

Dec 20 2017, 2:27 am

Hockey brains are trying to figure out how to increase scoring with goals in the NHL down to 2.66 per game this season from last season’s 2.73. Everything from increasing net sizes to decreasing equipment size is being debated.

TSN analyst Ray Ferraro likely had increasing goals on his mind when he made this observation earlier.

Hearing Ferraro’s thoughts, Ryan Miller was not impressed. Miller’s comments were played on TSN 1040 radio and I believe Jason Botchford was asking the questions.

“I’m at the centre of this because Ray Ferraro said something?”

“I’ve got two extra inches there and I take it. I don’t go extra width because it’s illegal. My pads are 10 inches like everybody else’s. I don’t know where Ray gets it and I don’t know why that’s an issue.”

“I’m getting a little defensive because it’s kind of comical. It goes through the league. They’re very defined specifications of what you can and can’t have.”

“…People disagree with me and people say, ‘Oh you just want to cheat.’ I also don’t want to break my finger and miss a whole bunch of games like I have.”

Hours later, during his regular appearance on TSN 1040, Ferraro was given an opportunity to answer back, and he did.

First, he addressed Miller.

“I understand why he’d be sensitive about it because I mentioned his name. I didn’t have time in a two and a half minute segment to mention the 43 goalies we could’ve mentioned.”

Ferraro then elaborated on his thoughts on goaltending equipment.

“I don’t know how anyone can look at a goalie today and think their equipment is for protection. It absolutely isn’t… it’s about their goals against average.

“They’re worried about their numbers.

“When I look at Ryan Miller in the net and he’s talking about the protection of the pants, then someone explain to me why the front of his pads are flat. Would that be to protect the five hole? Wouldn’t you want them to be more form fitted to protect all the way around your legs, or are you more worried about the five hole?”

“…When you look at his shoulders, not just him, Jaro Halak is another one, heck you can go to the bigger guys too, they all look the same – it’s like the hanger’s still in their equipment. What are they protecting three inches off their shoulders? Air? It’s not their shoulders.

“I just want another goal per game.”

Ferraro was asked about his relationship with Miller, and he said they’ve talked maybe twice. He continued:

“I have no skin in the game. I don’t care. I’m just a broadcaster who through some experience of playing the game and now broadcasting it for 15 years I have an opinion on what I see.

“He’s just really sensitive about the fact I named him. You know what, if he was in TV and he’d have named me, I’d be pissed off at him too. My job is to offer opinion, and my opinion is it’s absolutely flat out ridiculous the gear these guys wear.”

Guess they’ll have to agree to disagree.

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