Millennials in Vancouver actually enjoy their jobs, it turns out (POLL)

Aug 8 2016, 6:04 pm

Screw the stereotypes.

Most Millennials in Metro Vancouver are happy in their jobs. Really, truly, happy. Honest. But they’re not as unique as they may think. .

Or at least, that’s what the respondents in an online study of 2,040 employees of all ages in the region told Insights West.

In a new analysis, the progressive research company found 75% of the Millennials surveyed were at least happy in their jobs, if not more.

In fact, 25% of them said they were actually “delighted.”


But what of the future? Don’t Millennials all think they’re being unjustly blocked from the pay rise or promotion to which they’re surely entitled?

Well, no.

The study found Millennial respondents in Metro Vancouver were actually happier with their chance of career advancement than previous generations.

Some 57% of Millennials said they were satisfied with their opportunities for advancement at their job, including 19% who were “very satisfied.”

Compared with the 9% Generation X respondents and 13% of baby boomer respondents who also felt very satisfied, it looks like the future feels brighter for Millennials.

We’re sure that’s the reality, not just youthful optimism. Right?