Milan Lucic changes his mind, still 'proud' to be from Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 9:11 am

Milan Lucic has had a change of heart. It turns out he is still ‘proud’ to be from Vancouver.

An altercation at a downtown Vancouver nightclub on Saturday evening led him to say he was done defending his hometown. Lucic was allegedly punched twice following a game at Rogers Arena between the Canucks and Bruins. Video recorded by passersby also showed the altercation with an unknown individual while police attempted to intervene.

On Monday, Lucic told media that he was disheartened with the city, saying “I have no reason left to try and defend my city, and the people of my city. Other than being at Rogers Arena, no one will ever see me in downtown Vancouver ever again.”

“It’s something that happened late Saturday night and it’s something I’m not proud of, but it was part of an unprovoked attack,” said Lucic on Monday. “I was punched in the face on two separate occasions. From this point forward, I’m just exploring to pursue this in a legal manner.”

Since winning the 2011 Stanley Cup for the Boston Bruins on home ice, Lucic also alleges that his family’s property and church has been the target of vandals.

However, after returning to Boston, Lucic issued another statement to retract his previous comments – that the actions of a few do not represent the city as a whole. “As I have had more time to think I want to make it clear that regardless of what has happened, I am still — and always will be — proud to be from [Vancouver]. It is home,” said the statement.

“While the actions of a few individuals have deeply upset me and will impact the time I spend downtown going forward, I will not let those incidents diminish the love and pride I have for the city as a whole.”

Image: Boston Bruins

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