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Dec 19 2017, 5:54 am

The following story was written by Jessica Badawi (@Jess_Badawi) & Angela Koussian (@anjos_flows) exclusively for Vancity Buzz.  Pictures by Christopher Hyman (@regimerc).

Metta World Peace came to Vancouver to play a detective, but soon found that this beautiful Canadian city had so much more to offer him. Metta enjoyed meeting fans, taking them out to lunch, going on hikes and even got to go to the beach. Along with the fun, Metta had the chance to speak and participate with various organizations. He inspired patients at the Pathfinder Youth Centre Society by answering questions and motivating patients to keep seeking treatment. He gave a donation to the organization and told everyone to always stay positive. Metta visited Downtown Eastside Vancouver and spent a day playing soccer with the Vancouver Street Soccer League, donating to the organization and motivating the mentally ill and homeless players as well. He then visited Insite, which is a health-focused place where people inject drugs and connect to health care services. Users can receive primary care to treat disease and infection; addiction counseling and treatment; and housing and community supports. By the end of his trip, Metta truly realized that the treasures of Van City lie in the
caring citizens and the breathtaking landscapes. Until next time, Canada! To see more pictures from Metta’s trip, visit

Metta came to the beautiful city of Vancouver to film his very first lead role in the Nancy Grace Lifetime movie The Eleventh Victim. He is playing a detective, filming alongside 90210 star, Jennifer Garth, which was very exciting for him.

Ron takes fans Yasmine and Ayan to get some Jamaican food from Riddim Spice.

Metta surprised everyone by being a guest on the CTV morning show.

June 7th- Second day ticket (accidental illegal turn)

Playing basketball at Palmer High School. (June 8th-3rd day)


Having dinner with Red (@jusred), a radio personality on The Sonic hosting Saturday through Tuesday.

Metta performs at a club. He is wearing an old Vancouver Grizzlies jersey because the fans miss having their own basketball team.

After his performance with @djsyncity and Van city’s DJ of the Year, DJ Physik

On Sunday June 10th, Metta chose a fan from Twitter to tell him what he should do that day. Yasmine suggested they go to Bridal Falls together and he ended up going with another friend named Shabi. They take three cars and have some adventures while getting lost.

Following the Vancouver natives as they “lead the way.”

Metta with Shabi, a Vancouver native who showed him around during his visit.

Metta is debating whether or not to go into the woods. He thinks to himself, “I’m from the city.”

Lucky, the camera man, is the first to go into the woods and take a picture in front of the falls. Metta calls him the “Forest Gangster”

Metta takes the challenge as he climbs over the falls.

Not wearing the right shoes, he is holding on to the tree as he prepares to fall.

Metta brings along two utensils, as he jokes “forks are my protectors” from bears.

Neal, his wife and baby take a photo on the rocks. Metta thinks, “I could never bring my baby on the rocks.”

Group photo: Neal and his family, Neal’s friends including Will (a former wrestler), Shabi and her friends, Syn City and Metta.

Lucky crossing over the falls as Metta comments, “Lucky almost died.”

Monday June 11th, Downtown Vancouver.

East English Bay.

Restaurant Cactus Club, invited by Maya and Victoria.

Enjoying the beach with friends. Maya is studying to obtain a degree in teaching and her friend Victoria is a dancer and singer from Vancouver.

In front of an art gallery in downtown Vancouver.  Metta is enjoying art.

Metta takes a look at the array of hats.

Metta is in downtown Vancouver, enjoying the scenery, getting ready to go on set and film.

A unique photo is captured as the sun is trying to come out on what would usually be a cloudy day.

On his way to Pathfinder Youth Centre Society.

Metta speaks to clients and patients about supporting each other and restoring confidence within each other. Patients living at the institution range from the ages 15 and up.

Metta loves this picture because this kid had a lot of really great questions. He was very interested in how Metta gets his own treatment, and what he does for his own wellness  program. He was curious if it mattered to Metta who he spoke to when he had to vent. Metta spoke to him about the importance of letting out emotions and not keeping it bottled up, telling him that even crying sometimes help.

This young lady asked a lot of great questions as well. She wanted to know how Metta dealt with all the criticism he receives and how he doesn’t let it get to him.

Metta signing autographs, someone even asked him to sign their phone.

Shabi is a master student studying counseling. Shabi, along with Orville Lee and his wife Ruth, helped put the Pathfinder event together.

Orville Lee, the co-founder of Pathfinder Youth Centre Society.

Group picture outside of Pathfinders.

After leaving Pathfinders, Metta heads to lunch at Kingston 11 with Shabi and her cousin, Honey.

Metta really enjoyed the Oxtail at Kingston 11!

After lunch, Metta goes to the Vancouver Soccer League and plays soccer with everyone from the neighborhood. Street Soccer is about having fun, getting fit, making friends, finding connections to jobs and housing, and working on decreasing substance use.

“Insight saves lives” – Metta with an Insite worker. Insite is a health-focused place where people inject drugs and connect to health care services. They receive primary care to treat disease and infection, addiction counseling and treatment, housing and community supports.

Taking a picture with a fan as he leaves the neighborhood.

Monday June 11th Vancouver Nightlife Awards (VNA)

Picture with the bottle service girl of the year.

June 13th–Metta gets a parking ticket.

Metta enjoys a healthy meal of pho after a long day of filming.

June 17th-On the movie set.

6/17: Nice workout!

Metta was invited over by the Grewal’s for a delicious Indian dinner.

Metta with the Grewal Family:  Raman, Manjit, Metta, Jas, TJ, Jarnail.

Metta playing basketball at a high school gym after dinner with the Grewal’s.

Group picture, there was a lot of great talent.

Metta had everyone throw up the Kobe System sign

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