Metro Vancouver needs better late night transit petition

Dec 19 2017, 6:02 am

Vancouver has a good transportation system, but of course it can be better. One of the biggest gripes Vancouverites have is the lack of late night transit options for those not fortunate enough to live within the city limits. There are a few late night options using public transit, but rapid transit isn’t one of them. One Vancouverite has started an online petition that is worth checking out and if you deem it to be reasonable go ahead and sign it. The more that sign it the better. 

In fact help spread the word if you want better late night transit by sharing the petition on twitter, simply copy/paste this into twitter:

  • Want better late night transit options for Metro #Vancouver, read and sign this petition and pass it on!

The petition:
Metro Vancouver needs better late night transit available now! This is a serious public safety issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Translink is the transit authority for metro Vancouver and it is unacceptable to leave the public stranded late at night after the clubs close at 3am. Currently the skytrain closes at 1am which is three hours too early.

The skytrain needs to run until at least 4am every night, especially on weekends. We also need more available taxis and buses in the late night hours. The city doesn’t shut down at 1am so why does the skytrain? Translink will make more money from the increased number of fares at this hour, plus this will improve business overall, if people know they can get home safely they will attend more late night events.

Better late night transit will also prevent drinking and driving and increase over all public safety. Translink needs to put an end to this late night mayhem with hundreds of people left stranded in the downtown core. They need to provide safe late night public transit when the public needs it, not just when it suits Translink.

Sign it here.

I’m not advocating 24 hour rapid transit. Simply put the costs to run such as system our high and only a few cities in the world actually have 24 hour rapid transit. Even mega-cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo and London don’t run rapid transit 24 hours a day. So it would be foolish to think our metropolis of 2.5 million people would. However, I do believe the system should run until 2 am and then eventually one day 3 am.

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