Metro Vancouver gas prices expected to see 6 cent drop overnight

Jun 6 2019, 5:29 am

Keep an eye on the pumps because Metro Vancouver could see some very cheap gas over the next 24 hours.

Or at least, compared to the record-high prices that drivers have been putting up with.

Dan McTeague, Senior Analyst at GasBuddy, says that he expects a sizeable drop in the price of gas.

A six-cent decrease is expected to take place overnight.

McTeague notes via Twitter that “fuel supplies and concern over trade” are part of the reason for the lower-than-normal prices.

Gas stations around the Lower Mainland currently have prices around 153 cents/litre, but tonight’s drop could send things as low as 147 cents/litre.

In April, British Columbia saw another increase in the province’s carbon tax rate – an annual increase that will continue until 2021.

Gas stations also transitioned to a “summer blend” of gasoline — a more expensive blend than its winter counterpart, which also added to the costly price at the pump.

All of this means that seeing prices this low is a rather rare occurrence for this time of year.

Keep your eyes open and be ready to gas up.

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