Q&A with Mèreadesso on single-step skincare

Dec 19 2017, 11:41 am

In a day and age where the beauty industry is focused on creating specialized, niche products (think eye cream, day cream, night cream, SPFs, overnight serums, spot correctors, the list goes on), its no surprise that medicine cabinets everywhere are overflowing.

Enter Mereadesso. A fresh breath of air in the complicated world of cosmetics that has introduced single -step skincare. Yes, you read that right: single-step skincare. I know what you’re thinking. How can one product replace that of my day/night/eye cream, primer, and serum all in one bottle?

Well, to start the founder comes with her share of expertise. A queen in the beauty industry shall we say having worked over two decades in the sector and who has been responsible for creating makeup products for Estee Lauder, MAC, Aveda, Tommy Hilfiger, Jane, Rialto, Mary Kay and more.

We chatted with Linda Stephenson to get the scoop on her latest line.



Q: Elevator pitch: What is the Mereadesso line and why should beauty junkies care?

A: Mèreadesso believes healthy, beautiful skin shouldn’t be easy, it should be effortless. Offering one-step, unisex skin care products that leave immaculate results, Mèreadesso is the epitome of simplicity, ease, and effectiveness: One regime for every skin type, age and gender.
Beauty junkies should care because simple beauty shouldn’t be complicated.

Women have been trained over the years by the industry that you need to layer on products to achieve the best results. That is simply not the case anymore. My All-In-One Moisturizer is a day/night/eye cream, primer and serum all in one bottle.

Tinted All-in-One Moisturizer02_20ml

Q: Any special ingredients that we should be paying attention to?

A: The Mèreadesso brand combines globally-sourced ingredients that include 16 botanical extracts, 8 minerals and enzymes, and over 20 antioxidants. Carefully selected for their efficacy, potency and purity, these elements form the basis of luxury formulas that work to clarify, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone and improve elasticity.

I have included a multitude of special ingredients because not everyone has the same issues with their skin. If you are experiencing redness, you might respond well to Bilberry extract – a natural vasoconstrictor. However, if you’d like to address fine lines and wrinkles, you might be looking for Retinyl Palmitates (Vitamin A sources) and Co-Enzymes such as Co-Enzyme Q10. So I’ve basically thrown in every ingredient that I’ve seen deliver results over my years in the industry.

Q: After 1 month of using Mereadesso, what should users see/experience with their skin?

A: Everyone is different but most people will see that their skin is softer, smoother and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will diminish. We’ve had a ton of testimonials that say they’ve seen wonderful results after just one month.


Q: After two decades in the beauty industry, what compelled you to start your own line?

A: When I became a Mom a few years ago, I realized that I no longer had time to take a shower, never mind spend precious minutes on some sort of “beauty routine”. I really love the quote we came up with to convey why I started Mèreadesso. “Maybe you’ve got meetings. Maybe you’ve got kids. Maybe you just have a really, really comfortable bed. Whatever reason you want to minimize prep time, Mèreadesso is on your side.”

Q: Where did the name come from?

A: “Mèreadesso” is a combination of two languages. Mère is “mother” in French and “adesso” is ‘now’ in Italian so it translated to “Mother Now”. This was great for trademark but it also reminded me why I started this line. Becoming a Mom and suddenly revaluating my prep time was a huge motivator.

Travel Ease Kit Components

Q: Upcoming items we can expect to see from the brand?

A: I’m thrilled that my long awaited Travel Ease Kit will launch September 5th. It will contain resealable sachets of my multi-tasking All-In-One Moisturizer and Face + Neck Cleanser – 2 products potentially replacing 9! It should last approximately two weeks with normal usage. There will also be a cloth that is to be used with the Cleanser every time. The Kit itself is very compact so you will have room for that extra pair of shoes in your bag. You can never have too many shoes!

My Tinted Moisturizer will debut on September 19. The base is my hero product – the All-In-One Moisturizer however, the Tinted version takes all that love to the next level. It provides sheer coverage but also can build like a concealer to even out your skin tone. So if your skin does not look or feel its best, we’ve got you covered while providing long term benefits.


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