What men and women really want this Valentine's Day

Dec 19 2017, 9:39 am

Based on the recent survey conducted by Travelocity, it turns out both women and men wouldn’t mind a romantic vacation this Valentine’s Day.

90% of women surveyed said they would love a surprise romantic vacation from their partner this Valentine’s Day. My assumption being the other 10% are enjoying their surprise vacations as we speak.

Sure, if money wasn’t an issue, men would be wooing their women with trips on a more regular basis. Survey results actually show most women would prefer actually prefer a cheap beach vacation while 16% of Canadian women wouldn’t mind a trip to Europe. At the end of the day, we dream of a Valentine’s Day within reach. If our partner could potentially afford a “cheap” beach vacation, well then that romantic part of us wishes that might just be our gift this Valentine’s. If a beach vacay is a stretch then Europe isn’t even worth dreaming about.

A vacation with your partner sounds lovely doesn’t it? You think vacation and you think sex, romance – or at least I do! Yet, 48 per cent of men and 41 per cent of women feel that their partners are no more open to sex on vacation than at home. Sounds like one half of our population is having some great vacation sex while the rest are in bed wearing unsexy pjs by 10 p.m.

What is going on! Where is the romance, the lust, the desire? Is it just me or does this all sound a bit depressing. Travelocity took those results and asked what would help – if on vacation, what do women want and find most romantic?

  • 45% of women prefer a stroll arm in arm while discovering a new place. This is understandable although “romantic” may not be the best word to describe it. I mean call me crazy but a stroll doesn’t usually get me in the mood- if more sex is the goal here.
  • 25% of women prefer a one-on-one candlelit dinner. Only 25%? I think me and most men would agree this is one of the more obvious “romantic” tactics.
  • 3% want rose petals on the bed (while the other 97% of women lie and say they don’t).
  • 2% want bathing suits and exposed skin. Bathing suits never really scream romance do they?

If only we had more answers as to why there is a major lack of sex occurring on vacations! I sense another survey coming up folks.

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