Men of Vancouver: Riaz Meghji


Men of Vancouver (MofV) is a new bi-monthly editorial featuring the most stylish men in Vancouver. Style by Sarai recently interviewed Riaz Meghji, co-host of Breakfast Television, for this exclusive in-depth photo editorial.

What does style mean to you? How do you feel your style represents your personality?
Attitude, hands down. Style is my chance to bring a vibrant sense of self to life, take some risks and be confident enough in my manliness to wear pink on pink. Oh no he didn’t. My style ranges from clean cut to comfortable, so it definitely reflects my mood at the time.

Has your personal style changed with being the co-host of CityTV’s Breakfast Television?
The Cross Colors and FUBU are out, Zegna suits with pocket squares are in.

Where do you shop and what is your process for selecting your wardrobe and stylish outfits?
Harry Rosen. We collaborate on many ideas and the Rosen team is awesome as they have a diverse range of styles.

What is the greatest thing you’ve learned thus far with your career in Television?
Best lesson is that every conversation counts. Being given the privilege of having a different conversation every single day on Breakfast Television, I have a genuine interest in listening to a good story or adventure and hopefully inspiring those following along to go after a greater sense of purpose in their own lives.

MEDINA CAFE | 560 Beatty Street, Vancouver

men of vancouver riaz meghji kris por

men of vancouver riaz meghji kris por

What is it about Medina Cafe that makes it one of your favourite brunch spots in Vancity?
The ambiance at Medina gives the feel of a New York style café, an escape from the norm in Vancouver, but still a comfortable spot to take a friend and catch up.

What do to you recommend to try at Medina?
Les Boulettes – those meatballs are illegal!


VINYL RECORDS | 321 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver

men of vancouver riaz meghji kris por

men of vancouver riaz meghji kris por

Who are your top three favorite artists/musicians?
Michael Jackson, Miguel, John Coltrane

If we turned on your iPod right now, what track would you have on repeat?
Adorn – Miguel

What is your connection to music?
Music is the vibratory fuel that gets me up in the morning, dancing at night and keeps a smile on my face in any mood.

If you could meet one artist both past or present, who would it be and what is your fav track by him/her?
Michael Jackson. The consummate performer that defined the idea of true entertainment. Smooth Criminal is my jam, when that tracks drops, the Crazy Legs come out.

Can you please explain “Crazy Legs”
An interpretative art form only to be witnessed on the dance floor.


JOE FORTES | 777 Thurlow Street, Vancouver

men of vancouver riaz meghji kris por

men of vancouver riaz meghji kris por

What is it about Joe Forte’s that makes it one of your favourite restaurants in town.
The people at Forte’s make the experience memorable. Feels like a family there and always has from day one. That coupled with the best patio in the city make the choice of favourite restaurant a no brainer.

What do you recommend trying at Joe Forte’s?
Miso Marinated Sablefish. Tell them Riaz sent you.

When you’re not out for a bite to eat, do you prefer to order in or cook your own meal?
I’ve really been figuring out my way around the kitchen of late, especially with my trainer keeping me accountable. Chicken, fish, quinoa and kale have slowly become the norm. But who am I kidding, Triple O Burgers and cupcakes are still my kryptonite.


SEA WALL | All Around Vancouver

men of vancouver riaz meghji kris por

What do you like the most about spending time on the Sea Wall?
It’s my form of meditation to take an hour every day to get outside, decompress and appreciate a calm surrounding.





Men of Vancouver is a bi-monthly editorial featuring the most stylish men in Vancouver. MofV is currently being released exclusivley on Vancity Buzz two Thursdays of each month.