Men of Vancouver: Rattan Bagga

Dec 19 2017, 7:39 am


Men of Vancouver (MofV) is a bi-weekly editorial featuring the most stylish and professional men in Vancouver. Style by Sarai recently interviewed Rattan Bagga for this exclusive in-depth photo editorial.

How does Rattan Bagga describe Rattan Bagga?
Someone who is striving to live a transparent life.

What sort of business are you involved in?
I am part of a family business involved in foods and real estate, with my primary focus being on foods. The companies to which I devote the majority of my time are New World Foods/Jiva Organics & Everland Natural Foods. Both of these companies are value driven businesses built on the foundations of environmental sustainability, supporting the local economy and providing organic, natural and healthy foods to consumers. Recently Everland was recognized by Profit Magazine as one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in Canada.

How would you describe New World Foods as a company?
I believe passion and compassion would be on the top of my list when describing New World Foods. A high degree of compassion in our core business values shown by care for the environment by using eco-friendly packaging, care for our consumer’s health by producing nutritious and delicious products, and care for society by supporting local food groups. New World’s passion is shown by its care in providing three specific product ranges which are Organic Granola Cereals, Gluten Free Confections (Bliss Balls) and Nuts & Seeds Butters by using the highest quality ingredients.

Why family business as oppose to branching off on your own?
The idea of carrying on the legacy of my family and taking the hard work my family has put in the business over the decades onto the next level has always appealed to me. When my dad put the opportunity in front of me in 2005 to join the family enterprise, after having obtained my degree in business, I was eager to take on the challenge of carrying on the vision of the family.

From working in the family business what have you learned from your father?
I feel privileged to have not one but three sources of inspiration in my life, my father and my two uncles who are not only the greatest support system anyone can ask for but are also a source of tremendous inspiration. From them I have learned to stay calm no matter what the situation, and this quality has enabled me many times to make the right decisions without being influenced by my surroundings. Another key lesson is that no matter what happens, family always comes first. Furthermore, they have taught me that whatever can be bought with money is cheap, and that I should focus my efforts on building quality relationships, a solid reputation and to help uplift others who in turn will grow with you.

How do you envision your life in the next 20 years?
My dream is when I look back at my life 20 years from now, I want to be proud of the values I have created through my business and be even prouder of the initiatives I was involved in that add value to society. At that point of my life, I would like to devote the majority of my time to social causes that are close to my heart, such as empowering our youth, etc.

FASKEN MARTINEAU | 550 Burrard Street, Vancouver

What social initiatives are you involved in and why?
In 2011, I was starting to realize that life is not just about business and I started looking for causes that I’d like to support. I strongly believe that if you really want something in your life with a pure heart it comes and knocks at your door, and serendipitously that’s exactly what happened. I received a call from a friend inviting me to run a youth program called TYE Vancouver which introduces the concept of entrepreneurship to high school students. This really resonated with me because when I was finishing my business degree I realized the importance of basic entrepreneurial education for everyone, no matter what career they want to pursue.

Every year at TYE Vancouver, we teach close to 35 students, and being the dreamer that I am, I eventually want to create something to touch thousands of students each year. To make this possible, I joined forces with like-minded people who share the same vision to create an organization called YELL. Young Entrepreneurship & Leadership Launchpad (YELL) is an independent organization taking a multidisciplinary approach to teach leadership, business and entrepreneurship skills to create future community leaders. YELL is designed to utilize the school system as a medium to introduce the concept of entrepreneurship and leadership to high school students.

LEONIDAS | 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver

What do you like about Leonidas?
I love the history behind the brand which was founded in 1910 in Belgium. I first learned about Leonidas during my trip to Paris last fall, and fell in love with it. I was delighted to discover that they also have an outlet in Vancouver. Chocolates at Leonidas are flown in from Belgium and they are always fresh. I particularly enjoy them because they have just the right amount of sweetness without being overwhelming, so you can really enjoy the flavour.

How did you feel when you first moved to Canada from India?
I moved to Canada at the age of 13. It was a difficult time to be changing schools at this age let alone moving to another country. To make matters more exciting, my father decided the best place for us to carry on our education would be in a private Catholic school. To say the least it was a big shift for someone who had lived in New Delhi and went to a Sikh school all their life. I went from peers who I had known since kindergarten, to a school where I knew no one and no one knew me. One of the most important lessons I learnt at this stage of my life was adaptability. The first two years proved to be an uphill battle as I held onto my past of how great my life was in India and envied my friends as they use to tell me their fun stories. But then one day, I realized that I am wasting away my prime high school years and that’s when I decided to adapt to my new surroundings, and embrace my new home.


ORU | 1038 Canada Place, Vancouver | Fairmont Pacific Rim

What do you like about Oru?
I love the location and I absolutely adore the open floor plan which is accented by the floor to ceiling windows which give the illusion that you are floating in the air. What keeps me going back to the restaurant is the fact that Chef Darren and his team always take care of my dietary preferences as a vegetarian through their lifestyles menu, or sometimes by creating an off-the-menu 5 course meal.

What’s your favourite meal at Oru?
My usual lunch meal at Oru starts off with the Vegan Spicy Corn Chowder Soup, and is completed with the Sautéed Cauliflower & Kale Quinoa.

What do you do on a typical weekend?
I use weekends as a chance to re-energize for the following week. Half of my Saturdays are usually spent catching up on work from the week and tying up loose ends. My actual “weekend” starts around 3pm on Saturday. Usually Saturday evenings are spent with friends catching up over dinner or a movie. Sunday is usually a relaxing day spent with the family.

What do you do to relax?
On a daily basis I practice meditation every morning. When I have some free time during the weekends I like to read and catch up on movies.

What is “style” to you?
Style is an artistic expression which projects the combination of who you are and who you want to be. As we progress in life and learn more about ourselves and what we want to achieve, our style continuously becomes more refined in both how we perceive ourselves internally and project ourselves externally.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I aspire to be like my grandfather in many ways, and one of the things I remember about him is his impeccable style and the way he used to effortlessly transition from a nice three piece suit to a traditional crisp white Indian kurta pyjama on any given day.




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