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Men of Vancouver (MofV) is a new bi-weekly editorial featuring the most stylish and professional men in Vancouver. Style by Sarai recently interviewed Mike Falco for this exclusive in-depth photo editorial.

What do you do for work?
Working at Procreation Design Works (PDW), I oversee the implementation of the Food + Beverage Program for the TED Conferences. If you are familiar with TED, you know that the conference is so inspiring and stimulating. Yes, the conference speakers and attendees are incredible, there is no question; however, it is my colleagues at PDW that have made this experience so meaningful. My workplace is collaborative and dynamic. My job is exciting and challenging. We are constantly working together to manufacture a product that we are proud of and that will satisfy the audience that we are producing for.

Focusing on F+B, it is not enough for our team to simply implement a Food Program at TED, or for any client for that matter, that is formulaic. Instead, we are always looking to push the envelope, be imaginative, and execute a program that is experiential and representative of innovation in the field – focus is on where we are going instead of where we are and have been.

TED is coming to Vancouver. How do you feel about the move from California to your home city?
What can I say? I am so excited for the City of Vancouver…our city is unquestionably one the most beautiful cities in the world and it is great to be recognized as such! For the PDW Team, and myself, it is amazing to be planning TED in our own backyard; I am chomping at the bit to showcase a Food Program that highlights many of the wonderful, and tasty, characteristics of our local food scene!

Sounds like an amazing job, how did this come about?
I am like the fishbowl in Jerry McGuire! A dear friend of mine that I was planning local events with – think Weekend to End Breast Cancer – left the Company we were working for at the time. A few months later, she called me about an opportunity to work on TED (California) and TEDGlobal (Europe/UK). I did some research, watched some TED Talks online, and the rest, as they say, is history! I feel lucky everyday to be working on such an incredible product with the most amazing group of planners…these guys and gals are leaders in the field, no question!

Outside of work, what types of activities/hobbies do you spend time doing?
I am a gym rat, so I try and get to the gym each day following work; this provides me the opportunity to decompress and get home with a clear mind so that I can focus on my family and home.

My beautiful wife Simone and I are expecting a baby! According to each and every family member and friend of mine who have had a child, I need to start banking some hours of sleep because once my little girl is born, I will apparently be at a huge deficit! So if you need me, leave a message, I am sleeping ;0).

PRADO CAFE | 1938 Commerical Drive, Vancouver

What’s your connection to Cafés?
Cafés have always been a place of comfort for me. The smell, the people, the buzz…the CAFFEINE! Italian Cafés remind me of the Café’s my dad and uncle used to take me to on Commercial Drive when I was a young kid…coffee and nostalgia are in the air each time I arrive!

How did you hear about Prado Cafe?
Sammy Piccolo, a guy that grew up in the same neighborhood as I did, is the owner and is widely considered to be one of the top baristas in the world!

In working with some of the worlds best baristas at our conference over the past few years, Prado has come up as a point of conversation. That is, whilst chatting with these incredible baristas, the fact that I am from Vancouver always comes up; invariably, they ask if I know Sammy and Prado.

I love the clean lines of a great cafe or venue (think wood, metal piping, brick) as an environment/aesthetic. Prado nails it on all points! The fact that it is on Commercial Drive is bonus and blast from the past!

 | 777 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver

What’s your favourite sport?
Sport has had such a huge impact on my life in so many ways! Without question, soccer was, is, and will always be the sport that stole my heart – being an Italian-Canadian, I really had no choice but to start playing the sport or be excommunicated from the family!

Soccer has afforded me many things: competition, discipline, travel, strategy, and fitness. But the absolute most important thing that soccer has given me: my teammates, my friends! Many of the lifelong friendships I cherish, stem from having played together on the pitch – while adhering to the one tenant that ruled post game activity: “Win or lose, we…choose…to drink responsibly, kids.”

Do you still play soccer and what team do you support?
I do play, but the competitive side of soccer has waned in my old age…the legs just don’t go as quick as they used to! But, soccer still affords me the opportunity to spend time with my dearest friends. A group of us have Whitecaps season tickets and love the chance to get out and spend time together in such an electric atmosphere – unlike at Canucks games, you can actually cheer for the home team without risking getting kicked out!

Of course, the other team that unites, and ignites, is the Italian National Team! All I have to say is 4 stars! That, and thanks for coming out, Portugal ;0)

Growing up, I always loved watching the Italian National Team descend the travel bus in their impeccably tailored suits, looking focused and ready to take on all comers! Nothing gets my blood pumping like seeing the Azzuri linked arm-in-arm while the national anthem echoes through a stadium…

What’s your thoughts on sports and fashion?
Fashion has always been implicitly and invariably tied to soccer – perhaps a symptom of the dominant countries and cultures that define the sport. However, the latter has traditionally not been the case with sports such as Basketball and Football.  It is absolutely amazing to see gentlemen like Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and so many other world class athletes leading the way in fashion and truly blazing a path that makes it acceptable to be great on the court or field and look great off of it!

 | 1117 Granville Street, Vancouver

Where do you go when you decide to hit the town?
No question, I go to SIP Resto Lounge. Owned by my oldest friend, Ray Staniscia – we grew up together from the age of 4 years – it seems to never disappoint! One would think that the drinks are its best characteristic because of the amazing nightlife oriented ambience; not the case. The food is to die for! Every bite is infused with booze in a smart and delicious way. Plus, being that we have been friends for almost 29 years, Ray doesn’t mind if I park in his spot for the night…thanks, Ray!

What appetizer or meal do you recommend everyone to try?
The menu is constantly being updated based on the season and what is fresh/available. But, one staple that is a SIP must, are the perogies! Perogies and sausage and sour cream, Oh My!

Tough choice between Sip & The Refinery…how do you pick between the two?
SIP is really a place where you can expect to eat well and drink…a lot! The environment is energetic and has a little bit of everything for everyone; whether you want to watch the Canucks or simply spend some QT with good friends, SIP is your place.

The Refinery is something a bit different. It is, well, refined. The dishes are put together very eloquently…a foodies haven, to be sure. The decor is streamlined, the staff is so knowledgeable about food and beverage, and the vibe is amazingly chill. This is my go to spot for a private party.

Either way, with SIP or The Refinery, you cannot lose. With all these plugs, I should get my own parking spot!

 | 1115 Granville Street, Vancouver

How would you describe your style?
Instinctive. That is, I try not to force it. If it feels good, I will go with it. I like mixing textures and colors, because it is a way to tap into my creative side. I have always felt that fit is key – I have a “sporty” body; I am not tall, by any stretch (pun intended), so I have to be conscience of fit, size, material…the whole spectrum, perhaps more so than men who are statuesque, tall, lean, and long-legged.

What are your thoughts on style and appearance?
I would want people to see that you don’t have to be a model in order to feel good about the clothes you choose to wear. It’s ok to add your personal touch to attire that could otherwise be seen as mundane. I love accessories when it comes to accomplishing the latter – a jean jacket with a colorful pocket square is one of my faves!

I take the opportunity, when it is available, to dress “up”; it is fun. It allows self-expression. Finally, you can buy clothes, but you cannot buy style. Cost and name brand have nothing to do with it.

Has your family had an impact on your sense of style?
There is no doubt that my propensity to want to feel good about the clothes that I wear stems from my family. My sister is someone who instilled in me some time ago that feeling good and looking good, even in ones own mind, are unequivocally linked to one another – it has zilch, zero, nothing to do with what others think! From dressing me up as Betty from The Flintstones as a young kid (the latter is all too true) to helping me get ready for my first real night out with friends, my sister, whether she knew it or not, taught me that the question should never be, “What is in style?” but should always be, “What will not go out of style?”. Staples and classics should anchor ones closet. Accessories and other pieces can, and should, be added to enhance a given look and allow one to stay true to a specific period of time.




Men of Vancouver is a bi-weeky editorial featuring the most stylish and professional men in Vancouver. MofV is currently being released exclusively on Vancity Buzz two Thursdays of each month.

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