Men of Vancouver: Jay Gulbransen

Dec 19 2017, 3:32 pm


Men of Vancouver (MofV) is a new bi-weekly editorial featuring the most stylish and professional men in Vancouver. Style by Sarai recently interviewed Jay Gulbransen for this exclusive in-depth photo editorial.

What do you do for work?
I work as a Realtor for Homeland Realty specializing in Downtown and the West side of Vancouver. I also work for a third generation family business called Acme Plating and Silver Shop. My brother, sister, and I are the newest generation taking the business to the next level. In my role at Acme Plating I make handmade bowls and salad servers for the local galleries in Vancouver. I also get my hands dirty working in the back doing some of the plating with my father and brother.

How has your business evolved and what roles did you go through?
Acme Plating is ever changing. My mother works the front where we sell custom pieces made by myself and other local artists. The back end of the business is where we do all the plating and finishing of the work. It amazes me that I use a lot of the same tools that my grandfather used 30 plus years ago and I’m hoping to keep the trade in the family. With Regards to real estate, I need to keep on top of current prices and what’s been selling in the area, and for how much a foot.

How did you get involved in this line of work?
I got interested in real estate ever since I bought my first place. I finally got my license 4 years ago and have not looked back. Since then, I have been buying and flipping condos all over Vancouver. My other day job, Acme Plating and Silver Shop, has been in my blood since I was young boy. Being third generation, my father would bring me there any chance I could go. I used to work after school and on weekends for extra money, so eventually making it a part of my everyday life was inevitable.

GASTOWN | 27 Alexander Street, Vancouver

How did real estate come about?
After buying my first place I saw the potential in being a realtor and now it’s a part of my life that I love.

Do you focus on Condo’s or Homes?
I sell both. Condo’s are exciting because there are a lot of first time home buyers and it’s always nice to see how excited they are when purchasing their new home.

What are your thoughts on the current market and opportunities?
I think the market is going to stay fairly strong depending on the area you live in. There are some really hot pockets right now and a lot of homes are still selling above asking. There is no real estate bubble in Vancouver, and 2013 is a good time to buy as long as interest rates remain low, immigration targets are met, and Europe’s economy doesn’t melt down.

What area of Vancouver are you connected to the most?
I love Kits because it’s close to the beach, and the Jericho tennis club is where I workout. Yaletown is where I live, and I recently purchased a loft in Gastown for a rental investment. Gastown has come a long way in the last five years, and each year it seems as if there are more trendy coffee shops and fashion boutiques opening up.

Where are your favourite places to go for drinks and eats?
I’m a pretty healthy eater so I’m into lots of sushi and organic foods. I love Hapa in Yaletown, Monster Sushi in Gastown, and Coast on Alberni. Favorite café’s would be Beacoup, and Milano Coffee Bar.

 | 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver

What do you do in your time outside of work?
I golf, play tennis, just began cycling, play squash, snow skiing…and I always cruise on the bike when ever the opportunity is there.

What does a typical weekend look like for you?
Open houses or taking off somewhere like Whistler, Penticton, or Leavenworth Washington, which is where my girlfriend has family. Golfing with my brother, Ryan, is always a must when it works out for both of us.

When do you pull out the cruiser?
Anytime it’s hot and sunny outside! I just purchased a road bike to commute to work and back, and to do long hauls with the boys on the weekend. After a trip to Amsterdam with Genevieve, my girlfriend, I saw how important bikes are to the Dutch way of life, and I think Vancouver is heading in that direction as the city spreads out.

I am very blessed to live here in Vancouver. It offers so much diversity with regards to being active. There’s not to many places to live where you can snow ski and golf in the same day.

BEAUCOUP BAKERY & CAFÉ | 2150 Fir Street, Vancouver

How did you hear about Beaucoup Bakery & Café?
From Acme Plating being just around the corner from the café, I was intrigued to go support a local business. It’s now one of my favourite places to go.

What do you recommend everyone to try?
The Pain au Chocolat and a Decaf Latte. The chocolate and bread just melt in your mouth. Everything is delicious. You really can’t go wrong.

Finally, what does style mean to you?
Having a personal style has always been an interest, and even more so now that I’m dating a girl who loves fashion. It’s also something that we have in common. My grandfather would always say that you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear. That has always stuck in my mind, and so I always try to be presentable everywhere I go. My girlfriend and I are always popping into boutiques just to see what’s new. Being in sales is all about how you present yourself. You only have one chance to make a first impression and I always like to have my best foot forward.




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Men of Vancouver is a bi-weeky editorial featuring the most stylish and professional men in Vancouver. MofV is currently being released exclusively on Vancity Buzz two Thursdays of each month.

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