Meet Mavis and Beau, Residents Dogs at Hotel Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 6:30 pm

Ever yearn for a holiday but wish you could take your furry companion with you? Do you sometimes go away for a break and miss your dog while you are there? Many of us do and it can feel like we have left a member of our family at home. The Fairmont Hotels group, based all over America, has realised this and worked out several solutions to the make sure you never have to feel dog sick again.

Many of their hotels now allow you to travel with your furry friend and stay at the hotel with them. Your dog will even get a welcome pack, dog bowl, treats, toys and an information sheet outlining all the pet activities they can take part in if they wish to have some time away from you during the stay. It is well known that stroking and petting a dog can reduce stress and dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than non-dog owners.

Of course there are always times when it is not practical to travel with your loved pet, especially if you are traveling from abroad and there could be issues with doggie passports which is why the Fairmont group have done something rather unusual in many of their hotels. They have foreseen that many guests may miss their pets while away and have brought dogs to them, in the form of ‘canine ambassadors.

Mavis and Beau, two yellow labrador golden retrievers are probably the most well known out of all the canine residents and belong to the concierge team at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. They enjoy welcoming guests, receiving cuddles and are quite happy to give out kisses if they feel it is appropriate. They also love to socialise with all the other pets that come to stay for a few days at the pet friendly hotel and meet new faces. They are also available for walks and love to be taken out by guests who are missing their own pets or who just fancy an hour or two with the adorable twosome.

Along with Mavis and Beau, there are several other dogs, all who spend their days mingling with the guests at several Fairmont hotels. Sisters Tusker and Grammy, live at the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club and spend their days looking at the wildlife and playing fetch.

In Quebec, Golden Retriever Monte, spends his time either knee deep in snow or greeting guests at the Fairmont Le Château Montebello’s Hotel and was previously trained by the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind in Ottawa.

Jordy who is based at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu has the very important job of being a community liaison pooch and does his best to make sure everything is running smoothly at the hotel which is in La Malbaie, Canada. He is also free most of the time for walks and games – it is a hard life!

There are several other dogs which are at Fairmont hotels as part of the canine ambassador program who are all waiting to give guests the attention they deserve when they arrive. They also love to meet other pets who they can make friends with while they are there. Whether your travelling and crave a little canine companionship or you live locally and want to relax at the Fairmont Vancouver’s luxurious Roof bar, make sure you say hello to Mavis and Beau.

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