7 shocking photos before and after medical rejuvenation treatments

Oct 7 2021, 9:30 pm

Last year, the pandemic brought with it an endless cycle of video calls, Zoom meetings, and a general increase in the time we spend in front of a screen each day.

If anything, the challenges of these times have reminded us of the importance of feeling like the best version of ourselves. While this looks different for everyone, medical aesthetic treatments are favoured by many to enhance their natural beauty and evoke rejuvenation of the skin.

“I feel rewarded every day,” Dr. Robert Morrell, the founder of downtown Vancouver’s Medical Rejuvenation Centre (MRC), tells Daily Hive. “Whether it’s Botox, fillers, or people being able to control their acne, I’m able to help patients feel confident about themselves on a daily basis.”

Dr. Morrell and his team of skilled medical physicians and technical staff have over 25 years of experience in helping patients enhance their lives through results-oriented medical aesthetic treatment programs. Now, as the clinic adds new experienced physicians to its roster, we’re taking a look at some of the results its team has achieved over the years. 

Botox for a gummy smile

Before and after Botox treatment (Medical Rejuvenation Centre)

Did you know Botox can be used to help treat patients who have more of their gumline visible in their smile than they would prefer? This treatment works by strategically injecting Botox into the muscles that raise the upper lip, which then weakens the muscle strength of the lip. The result, when carried out carefully and correctly, is that there’s a reduced lift of the upper lip when smiling.

Botox for acne and breakouts

Before and after MesoBotox treatment (Medical Rejuvenation Centre)

Another approach is MesoBotox; this is used to help improve skin impacted by breakouts or acne. The protein botulinum toxin is naturally derived and helps control excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). Because of that, it can be used to help reduce the amount of oil produced by the skin. When performed by an expert, Botox injections can block the neurotransmitter released by the nerves to trigger sweat glands and, in turn, lower perspiration so the skin is less prone to breakouts.

Enlighten for skin brightening and even skin tone

Before and after Enlighten treatment (Medical Rejuvenation Centre)

As a cutting-edge new laser technology, Enlighten is suitable for patients who wish to get rid of unwanted pigment or tattoo ink while also brightening the skin and creating a more even skin tone. It’s the first laser on the market with longer (nanosecond) and shorter (picosecond) pulse durations, rendering it an effective option for addressing pigment concerns. In addition to targeting lighter brown spots and acne scars, it gives the skin a youthful glow.

Ultherapy for skin tightening and lifting

Before and after Ultherapy treatment (Medical Rejuvenation Centre)

Ultherapy, the MRC tells us, is FDA- and Health Canada-approved for non-invasive skin lifting. It’s an effective technique for patients who want to see the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, and other age-related concerns. By stimulating collagen production using powerful ultrasonic waves, Ultherapy treatments help patients achieve more elasticity in their skin, tightening and lifting the skin to offer long-lasting, natural-looking results.

CoolSculpting for the removal of stubborn fat

Before and after CoolSculpting treatment (Medical Rejuvenation Centre)

Patients who wish to remove unwanted fat from their body without surgery have the option of getting CoolSculpting treatments at the MRC. This FDA-approved, non-invasive technology freezes away stubborn fat by using controlled cooling to target unwanted cells in a selected area and induce a natural-looking reduction in fat bulges. There’s no downtime involved with CoolSculpting, and patients can start to see results as quickly as four to six weeks post-treatment, with the most dramatic results after two months.

Lip filler for lip enhancement

Before and after lip filler (Medical Rejuvenation Centre)

The lip fillers administered at the MRC are hyaluronic acid-based soft injectable gels used to replenish and refresh a patient’s appearance. Did you know that hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the body? It combines with the water in our skin to restore lost volume, reduce lines, and reduce wrinkles. As such, dermal fillers injected directly into the lips help lift and fill by creating volume.

Non-surgical nose job using dermal filler

Before and after non-surgical nose job (Medical Rejuvenation Centre)

Dermal fillers can be used to achieve multiple outcomes for patients beyond lip plumping, and one of these is the non-surgical nose job. When injected by an expert into an area of the nose, the filler is absorbed slowly and stimulates natural collagen production, helping add volume to the nose and smoothen out bumps. This non-surgical treatment delivers instant, natural-looking results with no downtime required.

Patients who are interested in visiting the MRC can make an appointment with Dr. Robert Morrell or one of the clinic’s newest hires, Dr. Joshua Song or Dr. Andrew Dargie.

Dr. Song received his certification for Korean advanced non-surgical face lifting with Dr. Han Jin Kwon, the founder of the Ultra V PCL technique used in thread lifting. As a result, the MRC is now one of the few Vancouver clinics to offer Instalift (thread lifting): the only FDA-cleared, dual-action device for a non-surgical facelift targeting jowls and aging skin.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dargie is the founder and lead educator for Canada’s gold standard aesthetics training programs, The Botox Course and The Filler Course. And for those interested in medical-grade skincare that works to extend the benefits of treatments, Di Morelli — a collection by Dr. Morrell — offers a range of products that are made in Canada, safe for sensitive skin, and not tested on animals.

To book a consultation with one of the MRC’s physicians, visit mrcbc.com. You can also see more before and after treatment photos on the clinic’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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