Mediator Vince Ready hailed as "God" after negotiating deal for B.C. teachers

Dec 19 2017, 12:06 pm

Just before 4 a.m., negotiator Vince Ready announced a tentative deal had been reached for striking B.C. teachers. By the time most of the province had their morning coffee, #vincereadyisgod was trending on Twitter.

Even with the details yet to be divulged, no doubt for teachers a negotiated deal is more promising than a legislated deal. But Ready has emerged handily as the victor thus far, gleaning praise so high he’s being lauded as a deity.

Making the rounds this morning was this cheeky photo Tweet:





He’s also being called a “miracle worker,” a superhero, and the cowboy on the good side:



Ready, 71, has been in the arbitration game since 1982, but recently told the Globe and Mail he’s not ready to retire soon.

Not surprisingly, Ready’s schedule is pretty booked.

Featured image: @jerrywalker67/Twitter