Media Democracy Days Vancouver 2011

The 10th anniversary of Media Democracy Days (MDD) Vancouver aims to encourage media awareness through a diversity of topics and approaches in its 2011 expanded programming. From November 11-13, be prepared for an exclusive screening of War Made Easy with talk from Dr. Sut Jhally; a day of panel discussions and a media fair kicked off with a keynote address from founder, Judy Rebick; and lastly, a day devoted to dialogue and production workshops on mapping media movements in Vancouver.

Whether you are a citizen, a student, a journalist, policy writer, activist, politician, or union worker, Media Democracy Days promises something to pique your interest on issues of media reform. “We are making a concerted effort to expand the breadth of our programming to be more inclusive of diverse communities,” said Kathleen Cross, chair of the MDD Organizing Committee. In correlation with this, panel topics on Saturday November 12 range from “Resistance and Renewal: Unions and public opinion in ‘The Crisis Economy’” to “Transcultural Media: Ethnicity & Social Change”.

“Around the world, we can see many examples over the last year of people uniting together in the public interest,” said Gala Milne, lead coordinator for this year’s events.In Vancouver, the work of bold organizations aimed at social change will be highlighted in another MDD panel titled, “ShitHarperDid, SlutWalk & LeadNow: New Directions in Civic Engagement”.

“Corporate media’s dominant voice affects us all, and fostering civic engagement in media issues is the first step in challenging the status quo,” continued Milne.Complete programming details for Media Democracy Days Vancouver 2011 are available online at All events are free to the public but seating is limited and registration is encouraged here:

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Sunday Workshops:

Media Democracy Days is a partnership project between The SFU School of Communication, and the Vancouver Public Library