A Mean Girls drag show is happening in Vancouver next month

Sep 24 2019, 3:54 pm

What’s more fetch than a drag comedy show inspired by the iconic 2000’s teen drama Mean Girls?

Yuk It Up Sis is an all-drag comedy show by Sleepy Girls Productions.

The next show is on Thursday, October 3rd — which happens to be international Mean Girls day — so the team thought it would be fitting to mount a Mean Girls version. 

“When we were working on securing a date for our fifth show the venue told us that the only date available was October 3rd and the gay fates had spoken,” said host David Cutting, AKA Dust. 

“We had to do it.”

The show is also deeply diverse, Cutting says.

“We don’t just have Drag Queens, we also have Drag Kings, and Drag Things (Non-Binary) and Hyper Queens (Female identifying folk who do drag),” he said.

Cutting says the night will be a showcase of how hilarious drag can be. He hopes to make a case for drag in the comedy world. He explained that it has elements of stand up and small improvised sketches, but most of the comedy is in the form of drag performers yelling hilarious insults at each other.

Mean Girls Toronto

Mean Girls/IMDb

“It’s a different show than what is easily and readily available in the day to day drag shows around Vancouver,” Cutting explained.

The show is hosted by Dust as Ms Norberry and Jerrilynn Spears as Regina’s Mom, Aries Season as Regina George,  and Mila Dramatic as Cady Heron. Kendall Gender plays the heiress to the toaster strudel fortune Gretchen Weiners, Kebby is the iconic ditzy Karen Smith, Freaka Nature will be playing the goth art goddess Janice Ian with Dong Ganisa playing her counter part Damien.

Playing the role of the wild Coach Carr is Homo Hardware, and Shanda Leer will be playing the role of the girl who made out with a hot dog.

Cutting assures that audiences can look forward to lots of laughter. “The show is high energy with lots of audience participation (if you want) unlike other Yuk Yuk Shows we encourage heckling. Oh, and and probably hot dogs.” 

Yuk It Up Sis: Mean Girls

When: Thursday, October 3rd, 10pm

Tickets: $15 on yukyuks.com$20 at the door

Where: Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club



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