McDonald's testing touch screen ordering, table service

Dec 20 2017, 12:42 am

McDonald’s has been struggling to tap into the millennial market, and their latest program to roll out in several countries is all about tapping in orders. Now the global fast food chain is testing their touch-screen ordering and table service in the United Kingdom, and McDonald’s Canada is rolling out a small test, too.

“A number of UK restaurants now have digital kiosks that allow customers to input their order via touch screen,” reports Mashable. This is all part of how McD’s is hoping to connect with customers in a more digitized fashion. The touch-screen ordering also allows for diners to select table service for their Big Macs, McNuggets, and fries.

The approach is similar in Canada, where the company is “undertaking a small test program of Self-Order Kiosks in a handful of restaurants,” a McDonald’s Canada media rep told Vancity Buzz. Most of the test locations are in Alberta and Ontario.


“We believe this is very timely in today’s digital age and in an environment where our guests are continually looking for fast, accurate and convenient service as well as user-friendly ordering options,” adds McDonald’s Canada’s media rep.

McDonald’s Canada says the program is aimed at giving customers more flexibility with their ordering pace and work customization into the menu, and that they are looking forward to seeing how the test goes.

In the United States, McDonald’s has introduced a few “Create Your Taste” touch screen kiosks, like at a location in Brea, California. As of June 2015, there were 18 such kiosks worldwide, according to Los Angeles Magazine, who sent their adventurous writer to the one in Downtown L.A. to see how many crazy McCreations he could come up with.

The Create Your Taste program uses touch screen technology to allow diners to come up with customized burgers using toppings not available on the regular old menuboard. McDonald’s in Australia is one of the countries already using Create Your Taste, and their website outlines the whole touch screen menu process, which lets users pick their bun, meats, cheese and so on. Burgers are delivered on wooden planks and fries in wire baskets–making a meal at McDonald’s look a lot more like dining at a gastropub.

McDonald’s Canada says that they make their menu decisions “independent of other markets,” however they are keeping an eye on what’s happening in places like the U.K., Australia, France, Germany, and U.S. when it comes to touch-screen ordering and other enhanced tech-based service options.


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