People want McDonald's to bring its India menu to this Canadian city

Feb 13 2023, 4:37 pm

McDonald’s has a pretty great menu in India, and now people in Brampton are petitioning so they don’t have to catch a flight to get it.

Sure, Big Macs and McNuggets are great, but what about a McSpicy Paneer Burger or McAloo Tikki?

The reasoning behind why the petition was created wasn’t just to get a taste of an international menu, though: it’s in order to get more balance on the McDonald’s menu that infamously lacks vegetarian options here in Canada.

“McDonald’s Canada has very limited options for vegetarians as compared to McDonald’s India,” reads the petition.

“There are a variety of options that we would love to be introduced in Canadian McDonald’s menu which would cater to the vast majority of vegetarian population residing in Brampton.”

Brampton is known for its Indian food, a cuisine which has a ton of vegetarian options due to many people following religious dietary traditions that limit or prohibitĀ meat.

In addition to the McSpicy Paneer Burger and McAloo Tikki, the petition is also trying to bring over piri piri fries, the McVeggie Burger, Veg Pizza McPuff, and the McSpicy Chicken Burger.

“We are creating this petition to request McDonald’s to introduce delicious Indian McDonald’s menu items in Brampton McDonald’s stores,” the petition reads.

“Requesting all the foodie people to help bring this change to help widen the food options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.”

Just under 2,000 people have already signed the petition so far, and if you feel like finding out exactly what a Veg Pizza McPuff from the McDonald’s menu in India tastes like, you might want to get to signing yourself.

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