5 uniquely ordinary moments that deserve a piece of cake

Jul 29 2021, 6:00 pm

Have you ever stopped to reward yourself for your many ordinary, everyday accomplishments? We’re talking about even the simplest things — from getting up early to folding the laundry or wrapping up a work project.

If we’ve realized anything over the past year and a half, it’s that even the little things (especially the little things) deserve a moment of indulgence. And we don’t mean grand gestures; it can be as simple as taking a break to pause for a treat at the end of a long day — one that’s unpretentious, convenient, and brag-worthy.

Our personal go-to? A cake that’s literally ready-to-eat, right out of the freezer, that requires zero prep time: McCain’s Deep’n Delicious — available in a range of epic flavours. Et voila, instant gratification.

With that in mind, we’re shining a light on five ordinary everyday moments that deserve a piece of cake so tasty you’ll feel like you made it yourself — without ever having to fire up the oven (a real gift when there’s a heat dome around).

Folding the laundry — right out of the dryer

You’ve put doing laundry on the back burner a few days. Then, you get through not one but three loads — including bedsheets (we all know they take an extra bit of work) — in one day. Are you tempted to toss everything into the basket you’ve designated for clean clothes? Of course (you’re only human, after all). But, instead of making that bold move, you gloriously fold every item — still warm — right out of the dryer. Is this a cause for indulgence? And maybe even a piece of cookies and cream cake? We think so.

Meal planning instead of dining out daily

When you’re navigating a busy schedule, squeezing in catch-ups with friends, and running errands, there’s often not much time left in the evening to channel your inner chef. Ordering takeout does — so frequently — seem like the easiest thing. But, if you pre-plan and prep meals ahead of time, you’re set for at least a few days. Every week, you could flex your culinary skills by trying something new and making a sizeable batch of it if you’re impressed. And that sort of organization — in our opinion — is cause for a little Canadian-made treat.

Getting your email inbox to zero

Whether you’re working full-time, studying, or doing a combination of both, you know there are often times when your emails build up — and this is just the professional side of your inbox. Let’s not forget about the weekly newsletters, travel deals, and restaurant promo emails you’ve subscribed to (it’s okay, FOMO is real). And when you add them all up, that’s a lot of digital mail to get through. So dear friends, when you do miraculously manage to get your inbox to zero, that deserves at least one piece of deliciously good cake (maybe two).

Making time for date night (and keeping the resos a surprise)

Ever since the pandemic began, we’ve been tasked with getting more creative for date night and making time during what seems like a cycle of Tuesdays. When restaurants closed, we transformed our kitchens into intimate dining spaces (complete with checkered tablecloths, candles, and sweet-sounding playlists) and dined al fresco in the back garden. Now, with the world reopening, you still have the option to do these things or dine out at a local spot. Whatever the case, keep the reso a surprise and have coconut vanilla cake waiting in the freezer for dessert.

Catching up with family — when you remember to call

Is it just us, or do you tell yourself you’ll do something the next day then completely forget about said thing if you don’t set a reminder? Remembering to call family members can easily make it onto this list when you’re out making the most of summer in Canada before the rain showers (and potentially snow showers) of fall arrive. So, the next time you remember to call your fam jam, why not do so over a slice of Deep’n Delicious vanilla cake? You could even go the extra mile of cuteness by ordering them a cake too.

If you’re ready to start living in the moment and treating yourself to a slice of well-deserved cake every so often (insert hands raised emoji), pick up a Deep’n Delicious cake on your next grocery run.

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