Mayor Gregor Robertson meets with Justin Trudeau in Ottawa

Dec 19 2017, 8:01 pm

Mayor Gregor Robertson met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today along with other big-city mayors to discuss city infrastructure.

Robertson is the chair of the Big City Mayors’ Caucus, a board that meets two to three times a year to discuss shared issues. The pair likely discussed transit, among other infrastructure issues, for a multitude of Canadian cities, including Vancouver.


Trudeau has promised in the past to supply $20 billion worth of public transit improvements to Vancouver, including the Broadway corridor subway and a light rail system for Surrey.

Mayor Robertson and Prime Minister Trudeau recently met at Vancouver City Hall, where they discussed a 10 year transit plan for the city. The meeting was an historic move; it was the first time a sitting Prime Minister had visited Vancouver City Hall since 1973, and that was Trudeau’s father.

The Prime Minister today said he was happy to be meeting with the mayors of Canada’s largest cities.

“We are restarting a relationship that had been significantly neglected over the last 10 years,” Trudeau told a media scrum in Ottawa.

Prime Minister Trudeau also met with Premier Christy Clark to discuss pipelines and natural resource development.