Mayor Debate: Robertson vs. Ladner Round 2

Dec 19 2017, 11:41 am

The first debate for Mayor of Vancouver was held at Langara College last week. The issue of homelessness and Insite took centre stage were of primary focus. Those issues are assumed to be Robertson’s strong suit, however, at the debate Ladner tossed out some good ideas of his own. Ladner’s idea of jointly working with the feds and provincial governments to tackle homelessness in our fair city seems like a good idea. I think its only fair since we seem to have an abundance of French speaking housing challenged individuals on the streets. Thank our mild climate for that. Further, Robertson was for more safe injections sites, whereas, Ladner was not and the debate went on.

During the debate the Urban Dweller was most impressed by Ladner’s assertion that the city change the zoning around SkyTrain station to permit high rise developments. The fact that the city hasn’t done so already is downright ridiculous. For instance Commercial and Broadway is the busiest station and yet the density in that area is confined to mainly single family dwellings or townhouses. Egregious, no? Something similar to Joyce/Collingwood area should be built around all existing and new stations. Nanaimo station is another example of poor urban planning and one that cries out for density increases.

As for this debate, look for the economy to take centre stage as recent events in the world financial markets continue to make headlines. As a result, many Vancouverites question what the future holds for not only them, but for Lotus land as well. Further, the recent press on the Olympic Village “crisis” and the potential tax burden it places on Vancouverites will know doubt be on everyones mind. On Monday Robertson proclaimed for transparency on the Olympic Village. Regardless of what that “visionary” tool Sean Orr thinks, our village isn’t the only one with funding issues, London is having its own problems securing financing for their 2012 athletes village.

To break it down we are looking at approximately $100/person to cover the financing to complete the project if need be.

Tonights debate is at Science World and starts at 7:30 pm, doors open at 7:00pm and it is first come first serve for seating.

(photo courtesy of kennymatic @ Flickr)

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