Max Payne 3 - R* on Building a Great Shooter

Dec 19 2017, 5:27 am

In a small studio just outside of downtown Vancouver, many of the city’s and industry’s finest are working towards re-inventing the hit sequel, MAX PAYNE 3. You can be sure that right up to the release date, the Weekend Warriors of RSGVAN are putting the final touches on what I believe will set the bar for the action shooter genre.

I visited their website today to find a new “Weapon and Gameplay” video which really speaks to the vision of game. It shows you snippets of intense action, the unique gameplay mechanics available to you and samples of the lush levels (located in New York City and Sao Paolo, Brazil).

The Design and Technology video series describe the pain staking detail that Rockstar has included in the game. A lot of this detail you may not have noticed yourself. For instance, to keep the player captivated there is special animation technology used in Max’s movement. You’ll notice in the video below how Max twists and turns his body in a lifelike way to aim at enemies while you, the player, whips the camera around during gunfights.

Also, you can appreciate environmental details during action scenes, like the sparks and debris of your surroundings from stray bullets. The game uses a ‘3D Engine’ called RAGE, which enabled previous Rockstar successes (like Grand Theft Auto 4 and Red Dead Redemption) to stand out visually.

This game will be no different. RAGE is cutting edge and powerful enough to display high-speed races in vast open-world cities. This is important to know because when you take that kind of technology and remove the open-world aspect, you can focus all of that potential into creating rich, and elaborately detailed levels that are  immersive and have unbelievable realism. This level of detail is EXACTLY why you went out and bought your 50” High Definition TV.

There are tons of other videos and screenshots on the website to feast on while we await the launch of Max Payne 3, like a sample video on ‘creating a cutting edge shooter’. .

I, for one, am excited to see more.



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