Max Kerman of the Arkells Talks About SEEDS 2012, CFOX and More!

Dec 19 2017, 1:45 pm

With the deadline for The Fox Vancouver Seeds 2012 submissions quickly creeping up (Friday, May 18 at 11:59PM PDT to be exact), Vancity Buzz had a chance to grab a quick interview with Max Kerman of the Arkells after his sound check in New York. Over the phone, we talked about the Arkells’ involvement in Seeds this year, CFOX and much more!

Juno award winners Arkells are currently on an extensive North America tour and will be playing the Vogue Theatre on Granville on June 1st. They are known to be always on the road which is fitting because in this year’s Seeds, the winner will join them on tour!

Jan (VcB): Please talk about your involvement with 99.3 The Fox’s Seeds this year.

Max (Arkells): The program they’ve had running there for about the past 10 years sounds like a really amazing way to cultivate local bands and to get them involve in the music industry and give them an opportunity to record. I think it is really important for networks like CFOX to do something like that at this level. I know we’ve definitely as a Canadian band been really helped by radio stations like CFOX. When they asked us to be involved, we were really excited.

Jan (VcB): What kind of role has the Fox played in your career?

Max (Arkells): Vancouver seems so far away from us living in Hamilton. I know the internet connects people but it feels odd to be able to travel thousands of kilometers away from your house and have people show up and know the words to your songs. In our case, having a local radio station in different cities play our songs have been very helpful in getting our music out there. CFOX have been one of the first station from the beginning to play “Oh, the Boss is Coming!” and all of our singles. That’s been really cool because it definitely makes a difference when we go to the west coast.

Jan (VcB): How important do you think that something like Seeds is for the indie music scene?

Max (Arkells): Most bands are looking for an opportunity and outlet to showcase their music to a bigger audience. Once you get an opportunity it really allows you to strive and make the most of those it. I think this is a great opportunity for a lot of young bands who haven’t had a chance to really show people what they can do.

Jan (VcB): What do you think it will take for a band to win Seeds?

Max (Arkells): I imagine most bands that are entering this contest already work really hard on their songs and live shows as well playing live as much as they can. I’m sure people who are in the bands that are participating would be really excited just to play on stage where people are listening. Music is a pretty subjective thing so it is hard to say what makes that difference or x-factor. As long as you’re being true to yourself and you’re working as hard as possible, that’s really all you can do. That is the most important thing you can do.

Jan (VcB): You are currently in the middle of an extensive tour with The Maine and you will be doing a bunch of festivals as well. What can the winner expect from you guys when they do go on tour with you?

Max (Arkells): We’re a band that really enjoys that plays live! When people think of our band they think of a band that is out there on the road and engaged with the people at the shows. It’s rock and roll what can I tell you. We love to rock and roll!

Jan (VcB): That’s all the questions I have. Is there anything you want to end off with?

Max (Arkells): We’re really excited about playing the Vogue Theatre on June 1st. The last time we played in Vancouver was at the Commodore, but we’re really excited about the playing the Vogue for the first time. Apparently, it’s a beautiful spot and we love being in downtown Vancouver. We are really look forward to see everybody!

Once again, the deadline for Fox Vancouver Seeds 2012 submissions is on Friday, May 18 at 11:59PM PD. Enter at now!

You could be headed off on tour with Arkells for 5 Canadian shows, score $10,000 in brand new gear from Long & McQuade, and record with award winning Producer GGGarth Richardson!

Interview by Jan Galvez

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