Gender, Race and Personality changes coming to Thor, Captain America and Tony Stark in Fall 2014

Dec 19 2017, 7:21 pm

Marvel Comics recently announced that some big changes will be happening to some of their key characters later in late 2014.

The God Of Thunder: Thor will now be a woman, Steve Rodgers will be giving the mantle of Captain America over to Sam Wilson A.K.A “The Falcon” and Tony Stark A.K.A “Iron Man” will be getting back to his morally ambiguous roots.

These changes have really got the comics industry talking with fans all over the world trying to figure out how Marvel will be implementing these new radical ideas into place.

Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics Axel Alonso spoke with about these changes and what we can expect in the fall 2014 comic book season.


Thor Becoming Female


“In the case of Thor, Jason Aaron, who was writing Mighty Thor, came up with this idea, again, many months ago — probably as much as a year ago — and looked for the right place to do it.”

“So in the events of Original Sin [Marvel’s Current Comic Event], something happens to Thor that makes it impossible for him to pick up the hammer. There must always be someone to hold the hammer, and so someone worthy does.”

“I will mention, the character who becomes the female Thor will be someone who readers know. There are a lot of women in Thor’s life, and it is one of them who’s ready to pick up the hammer.”

“We’re not going to tell you who it is for some time. We’re going to draw that out. It’s going to be a mystery.”

“Readers will speculate, and it’s our hope that they will be shocked and surprised by who it is and how she gets those powers, as well as the ways in which the new female Thor’s life overlaps the lives of other characters, which we just discussed at our last summit.” 


Sam Wilson “The Falcon” Becoming Captain America


“I’d rather not get into specifics of the shield, but what I will say is we’ll start by putting him in a red, white and blue costume — [Laughs] — and understanding what that means.”

“Yes, he’ll wield the shield, yes, you see glimpses of the wings and goggles, what have you. But the Falcon has to define what being Captain America is. He has to understand the important, incredible responsibility that comes with putting on red, white and blue.”

“That’s what makes Cap such an iconic figure and such a challenge for writers. What does he stand for? What does America stand for? It’s not a surprise that the types of threats he faces and the message that he sends is different than that of Hulk, Thor or Iron Man — in the comics or in the movies.”

“Sam is going to have big shoes to fill, and it won’t necessarily be easy, what he’s doing. And Steve won’t be dead. Steve will be around. So there will be an interesting dynamic at play there when the guy that was Cap is off stage-left — or let’s say on panel-left.”


Tony Stark Becoming Superior



“Tony is one of the most flawed heroes in the Marvel Universe. You can see the movies to know that. That’s not to say he’s bad, but he’s got flaws. He’s got a lot of hubris.”

“Imagine if he were to put on an armor that echoed the latest tech trends and turned loose a program on the population that allowed them to achieve levels of perfection that they never were able to before.”

“Then imagine the reaction of certain other characters in this universe when these things are happening. I don’t want to suggest that Tony’s a villain.”

“He’s not a villain. I think that his actions are, as they were in [Marvel’s Civil War event], defensible — controversial, but defensible. I think that what Tom is doing with Superior Iron Man will be the subject of a lot of debate.”


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