Market's Cocktail Series: Paris Cocktail Recipe

Dec 19 2017, 5:03 am

As part of the Market’s Summer Love Cocktail Tasting series we’ll be dishing out the goods on a few cocktail recipes during the month of August. Use them for your next party.

A Cocktail designed to emulate and complement Poire Belle Helene – Chef Auguste Escoffier’s timeless dessert creation of poached pears, chocolate syrup, ice cream, crystallized violets and sliced almonds. The dish’s name is drawn from Jacques Offenbach’s operetta, La belle Helene. The parody centers on the Greek legend of Helen (Queen of Sparta) and her elopement with Paris (son of Priam, King of Troy). Their illicit relationship is a catalyst for the Trojan War – by pairing Cocktail and dessert, Paris and Helen are reunited.

Certain ingredients directly translate the components of Poire Belle Helene, while others lend spice, herb and nuance. Though the Paris Cocktail is inspired by and named for the character in Greek legend and intends to pair with Escoffier’s dessert; the drink also respectfully references the capital city of France and the origins of Grey Goose. The Cocktail is made entirely with French ingredients and ingredients which are traditionally French.

This is an elegant yet richly flavoured Cocktail, designed to accent dessert, satisfy the palate as an off-dry digestif or simply end the day in style. Properly mixed, the finished hue is a clear but steely violet. The character is decadent with a luxurious texture.


grey goose la poire vodka | green chartreuse vep | meaghers creme de cacao

bitter truth creme de violette | absente 55 | giffard orgeat


60 ml grey goose la poire

10 ml green chartreuse vep

5 ml meaghers creme de cacao

5 ml the bitter truth creme de violette

*aromatic mist

-combine liquids in a large mixing tin

-fill mixing tin with large, dry, cubed ice

-stir thoroughly until well chilled

-fine strain into a cocktail glass or champagne coupe

-finish the drink surface with three aromatic mistings

*aromatic mist is 50/50: absente 55 & giffard orgeat – combine in a small atomizer

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