Paper Aeroplanes – Winter Never Comes (Mark Eteson Remix)

Mark Eteson has really impressed me with his recent productions and this latest remix of ‘Winter Never Comes’ highlights why. He did this remix for a competition Paper Aeroplanes held and the result is an exceptionally beautiful and deeply emotional trance song.

Eteson uses excellent vocals in many of his songs which really elevates his music. These vocals are nothing less than stunning and I find the light progressive melody behind them adds an uplifting element to the song. Pay attention to Eteson this year because I expect a big year from him (and hopefully a visit to Vancouver). I’m already avidly awaiting the release of this next track ‘Together’, so you can look forward to a review of that once its out. Enjoy!

Via @JordyTait at Cascadia Records | Paper Aeroplanes – Winter Never Comes (Mark Eteson Remix)