MUJI can help you use the KonMari method for the ultimate spring clean

Mar 25 2019, 6:30 pm

By now, you’ve most likely heard of tidying expert, author, and Netflix star, Marie Kondo. But if you haven’t had a chance to watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo yet, don’t worry. We got you.

Kondo swears by her KonMari method for tidying up and decluttering. Forget little-by-little approaches, this is all about tidying up by category — starting with your clothes and finishing with sentimental items. It’s about keeping only those things that speak to your heart.

Let’s face it, you’ve probably got a pair of sneakers (or four), sitting at the back of your wardrobe that you know you’ll never wear again. So why keep them? Now is the perfect time to do the ultimate spring clean and the KonMari method can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Here’s how:

Start with your wardrobe

Committing yourself to tidy up is the initial step, and we’re proud of you. First off, you’ll want to take a look at your wardrobe (we hope the contents don’t all fall out at once). If you’re already spending more than five minutes choosing what to wear each day, it’s a good indicator that your wardrobe isn’t working for your lifestyle. 

Time is precious and organizing your clothing in a neat, easy-to-access fashion means you’ll be ready faster every day. These hanging storage accessories from MUJI Canada will help you organize your apparel and accessories in the best kind of (adult) way. And they’ll really make you appreciate the wonders of vertical space.

Besides, it’s time to stop using old clothes hangers your mom got from the dry cleaners in 2016.

Hangers/MUJI Canada

Hanging storage/MUJI Canada

Hanging storage/MUJI Canada

Hanging storage/MUJI Canada

Move on to your books and papers

PP storage/MUJI Canada

When you’ve got shoeboxes full of documents in your home, it’s never easy to find the papers you’re looking for when you actually need them, and that creates unnecessary stress. You can avoid all of that by organizing your home office items, documents, and books, into PP storage units.

PP storage/MUJI Canada

Of course, your stationary needs a home, too. And acrylic storage boxes are the ideal, tidy solution.

Acrylic storage/MUJI Canada

Acrylic storage/MUJI Canada

Next up, your komono

Makeup boxes/MUJI Canada

Take a look at all of the miscellaneous items (komono) you’ve collected over time. There’s a lot, huh? This happens the best of us. Sure, many of these things will be items you use on a daily basis, but maybe you have half of them in a drawer and the other half elsewhere.

Why not take some time to go through all of your komono just like Marie Kondo would, and organize them to free yourself of some headache-inducing clutter? PP storage boxes are your new best friends because you can use them to store everything from skincare products to makeup, kitchen pots and pans, office supplies, food, and even your old Pokemon card collection.

Makeup boxes/MUJI Canada

Storage boxes/MUJI Canada

Storage system/MUJI Canada

Looking for another option for your makeup? An acrylic storage box like this one lets you see exactly what colours of lipstick and blush you have at hand when you need them. It’s time to take your makeup organization as seriously as your favourite YouTube tutorial!

Makeup box/MUJI Canada

Get your travel essentials down

Gusset cases/MUJI Canada

Everyone enjoys the luxury of travelling, but packing is something that many people put off until they absolutely have to do it (the night before, sound familiar?).

However, you can make the task of packing fun and easy when you’ve got the secret weapon for any traveller — cloth gusset cases. Couple these with basics like travel tees and towels, all ready to go. When you’ve got the tools needed to pack like a pro, you’re ready for any impromptu spring vacations.

Travel essentials/MUJI Canada

After you’ve gone through your komono, the KonMari method suggests sorting through your sentimental items, keeping only things that speak to the heart. Tin boxes are the perfect place to store your secret mementos like old birthday cards, love letters, and those cringeworthy photobooth snaps from way back when.

Tin box/MUJI Canada

Discard the items that no longer bring you joy and get ready to live life with only things you love.

The tools you need to get there

People all around the world have been drawn to the KonMari philosophy because of its effectiveness, and also because it reminds us to be mindful and look towards the future. Before you introduce the KonMari method to your life, you’ll need some basic cleaning tools.

Please do yourself a favour and throw out the broom you’ve been using for the past three years (sorry, not sorry). You’re a fully-grown adult now so it’s time to invest in tools that make you feel like a superhero, like these ones you’ll find at your nearest MUJI store.

Cleaning system/MUJI Canada

Cleaning system/MUJI Canada

Check out the MUJI Canada website for even more items and price reductions that can help you with the ultimate spring clean.