Maple Ridge brothers' "When Pigs Fly" Doritos ad aired on Super Bowl (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 1:50 pm

Over 110-million pairs of American eyes watched an advertisement made by two Metro Vancouver residents during Sunday’s big Super Bowl matchup.

Twin brothers Graham and Nelson Talbot, both 25 years old from Maple Ridge, entered into Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl contest for a chance to win a $1-million cash grand prize, a dream job at Universal Pictures in Los Angeles, and having their ad aired during a 30-second Super Bowl commercial break worth US$4.5-million (US$150,000 per second).

Their entry titled “When Pigs Fly” came in second place, which earned them a cash prize of $50,000, a seat at the University of Phoenix Stadium to watch the game, and a massive boost in their filmmaking career.

Graham, who recently graduated from Simon Fraser University, told Vancity Buzz that his 30-second commercial was filmed in Langley and took about three weeks to make. The plot revolves around a clever young boy who is told that he can only have his favourite snack when pigs fly – and he is successful with engineering this into reality.

The Talbot’s commercial only cost US$1,200 to make (and no animals were hurt in the process) against corporate budgets that neared hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is a viral hit with social media chatter calling it one of the best commercials made for the game.

“When Pigs Fly” was one of two Vancouver-made entries that reached into the competition’s Top 10 finalists. Devon Ferguson’s “Selfish Sneezers” commercial about protecting one’s supply of Doritos at a party by faking a sneeze into the bag was not selected for airing.

The winner of this year’s $1-million grand prize is the California-made “Middle Seat” advertisement, a hilarious scenario of going above and beyond to keep an empty airplane middle seat next to you empty – until the perfect seat companion comes by.

Doritos: “When Pigs Fly”

[youtube id=”YQo0TfuueaY”]

Doritos: “Middle Seat”

[youtube id=”2JqRXLQYF9o”]

Doritos: “Selfish Sneezers”

[youtube id=”5XKh0ocpICM”]


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Clash of Clans: “Revenge” starring Liam Neeson

[youtube id=”GC2qk2X3fKA”]

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[youtube id=”rqbomTIWCZ8″]

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[youtube id=”xAsjRRMMg_Q”]

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[youtube id=”LuVsf_hE7gM”]


Feature Image: Doritos