Many BC students will not receive report cards due to teachers' strike

Dec 19 2017, 11:02 am

The ongoing teachers’ strike led by the B.C. Teacher’s Federation continues is about to escalate with the announcement that many students across the province will not be receiving their report cards for the school year.

Many school districts are pulling the plug entirely on report cards from Kindergarten to Grade 9, and some have yet to decide on the extent of the detail for report cards from Grades 10 to 11.

However, Grade 12 report cards will be issued and fully complete as they have been declared an ‘essential service’ by the province’s Labour Relations Board.

For students within the Vancouver School Board’s jurisdiction:

  • Kindergarten to Grade 7: No report cards will be issued as not enough information is available to produce an accurate statement on the students’ progress.
  • Grades 8 to 9: Strike action does not allow for the production of complete report cards for students in these grades. Students in Grade 8 and 9 courses will receive a grade of “No Mark” (NM). Their report cards will not include comments or a description of work habits.
  • Grades 10, 11 and 12: Students in these grades will receive report cards with final course marks, but they will not include comments or description of work habits.

A final decision on summer school sessions within the Vancouver School Board system has not been made at this time.

At other Lower Mainland school districts, decisions on the issuance of report cards differ and in some cases a final plan has not been made.

New Westminster has yet to make a decision on Grade 10 and 11 report cards, while report cards for Kindergarten through Grade 9 have been called off entirely.

In Surrey, the school district issued a statement that said: “Under full strike, we cannot produce report cards. The information that we need to produce report cards is in the hands of teachers and they are on strike. The support staff we normally have to help us develop and print report cards are also honouring the picket lines and are not at work.”

For Burnaby school district, Kindergarten to Grade 11 teachers were given the option to issue simplified report cards “at their discretion”.

Elsewhere in the province at Kootenay, local union president Andy Davidoff went as far as saying Grade 10 and 11 marks are “not essential to anyone”.

“We will be asking all our CUPE colleagues not to handle any report cards containing Grade 10 and 11 marks.”


Featured Image: Report cards via Shutterstock