5 unusual things you can do to have an incredible day

Feb 17 2017, 8:51 pm

Life’s too short to not have fun.

So it’s time to let loose. To take every creative interest to the next level because nothing is too obscure. To thrive on your idiosyncrasies because that’s when some pretty cool stuff starts to happen.

Try laughing at yourself, even when you accidentally snort – because you can’t take life too seriously. Because being playful can take your day from good, to sensational. And remember that the real magic happens when you learn to act candidly, letting yourself live on the wild side.

To show you how to see the lighter side of life, Daily Hive teamed up with MALTESERS® and compiled a list of five unusual things you can do to have an incredible day.

Have a bad hair day

bad hair

Bad hair day/Gratisography

Ok, so the bad hair day is a universal problem…all the more reason to not judge and have a little fun. So get this – everyone’s messing with their hair at home, while you’re happily chugging a coffee at a fancy cafe. It’s called bliss. Of course, this means your hair resembles that of a desert tumbleweed. You call this look ‘the mammoth’ because hey, we need to embrace the bad hair day.

Make your work meeting fun

You’re all about the hustle, but you just prefer to do it in a different way. You’re in a meeting with your close workmates but it’s clear they could use a little laugh. You devise a strategy, because nothing you do could be more inappropriate than that of last year’s Christmas party. Fun is contagious so make a game of this riff raff. Everyone who comes up with a solution for fixing the office problem will receive a prize…of  MALTESERS®. The only requirement is that they catch theirs with their mouths wide open.

What should you think of the coworker who ever-so-covertly devises plans to integrate chocolate into the daily grind? Well, they’re definitely on to something. Because adding it to those quarterly office icebreakers is what truly provides an incentive for team-building, and you’ll actually be happy when chocolate gets pelted at your head. Chocolate consistently cheers you up, so much that your “emergency meeting” becomes a very regular thing – AKA an excuse to sit in the boardroom, pretending you’re on a conference call. Which basically means that you’re actually eating chocolate for a minimum of 15 delicious minutes.

When you’re craving some, go for one that’s light to fit the mentality you’re going for – that of your inner child. Try for the milky sort that melts on your tongue like heaven, something like MALTESERS®. They’re packed with a crunchy honeycomb centre, the perfect antidote for all the seriousness out there in the world.


Painting: If you have even the smallest bit of hand dexterity, you can do it. After all, we’re living in an age of installation art; you can point at a rock and call it ‘abstract.’ Bestow your positive energy into your random swipes across a yellowed canvas you bought from the discount shelf at an old crafts store. Come equipped with a plethora of different materials; watercolour and acrylic paints, a glue gun and maybe some pom poms to make your masterpiece dramatic. If it becomes difficult to look at, remind yourself that even Picasso had to start somewhere.

Do a photoshoot

A spontaneous photoshoot with a friend keeps you laughing until your sides start to cramp up. Exercise your sporadic facial impressions as your best weapon for a truly monumental photo. Just remember to participate in plenty of dialogue along the way – use satire whenever possible, and redefine what funny is by using your dry humour. The sidewalk is your catwalk and you are feverish under your constant strain of laughter that makes everything comical.

Prank someone

brooke cagle


Pranking was fun when you were a child, but your parents always looked down upon it. Now you can prank people in your own carefree way, taking full reign of the fun that is giving other people a laugh. Try taking over your friend’s Facebook page when they leave their account logged in, perhaps posting a leisurely photo of yourself eating those MALTESERS® . There’s also the option to order takeout to a friend’s house without telling them. Just make sure you show up right after the driver gets to the door – surprise! Who knows, maybe your ability to look on the lighter side of life will rub off on them.

Try these methods to see the lighter side of life and remember to be yourself. But even more so, know that laughter is the best medicine. When in doubt, smile. Defy conventional norms with an optimistic vengeance. Playfulness is a superpower – and it’s a mentality that can change your life for the better.

For a lighter kind of chocolate try MALTESERS® – their malty honeycomb balls are coated in delicious milk chocolate. Try them to add that perfect finishing touch to your incredible day.

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