Weight loss: No time, no problem

Dec 19 2017, 4:46 am

Ask yourself what are the biggest barriers preventing me from achieving my ideal body?  It is almost certain the responses will have to do with nutrition and physical activity.  Within these two categories the responses will differ from person to person but what each of these responses likely has in common is an element of TIME, and not enough of it.

TIME is one of our most valuable resources and we must treat it as such, when it comes to choosing physical activity actions it is essential that we get the most bang for our TIME buck.

When it comes to weight/fat loss this means you need to be doing activities that are going to leave you with the greatest calorie deficit, this includes calories burned during and after your training session.  If you have three or four 30min blocks of time to dedicate to physical activity in a week; which is a reasonable amount of time for most, choose activities according to the order of the list below.

1st Choice – High Intensity Resistance/Strength Training
This isn’t just go to the gym and fiddle around with some 5lb dumbbells, it means you have 30minutes to get as much done as you possibly can, think exercises that require the use of your entire body.  Start with mobility and neuromuscular activation exercises (10mins) and then spend the rest of your time training 3 of the following exercises: Deadlifts, Split Squats, Squat to Press, Plank Rows, Pushups, and Lo to Hi Chops.

2nd Choice – High Intensity Interval Training
This is nasty stuff, it is hard work and probably the reason you aren’t doing it right now, but this is why athletes are as lean as they are.  Pick your preferred cardiovascular exercise (running, swimming, biking, rowing machine, skipping rope) and spend 10minutes gradually elevating your heart rate and mix in some mobility exercises.  When you feel warm and ready do a burst of 10-20seconds of ALL OUT EFFORT (leave nothing in your tank) and then recover (keep moving) to a state where you can talk again (anywhere from 60secs to 3mins), repeat for 20minutes.

3rd Choice – Low Intensity Interval Training
This is a bit easier than both of the above but still work nonetheless.  Pick your preferred cardiovascular exercise and do the same warmup as above for 10minutes.  When ready do a burst of 1minute at a pace faster than your regular pace (steady state cardio), then return to regular pace for 3minutes.  Repeat for 20minutes.

4th Choice – Steady State Cardio
Pick your preferred cardiovascular exercise, do a 10minute warmup and then go at a steady pace for 20minutes.

5th Choice – Walk
Go for a walk.

Choices 1 through 3 are the foundation for the programs I offer to all of my clients (personal and group training) and I encourage all of my clients to spend any extra time they have doing choices 4 and 5 (active transportation, taking the stairs), but none of this will matter without sound nutritional practices.  Keep checking back throughout January as I post specific training sessions you can do to achieve your New Year’s weight loss resolution.

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