Make your makeup last all night

Dec 19 2017, 7:37 am

Ever wonder how celebrities’ makeup stays so perfect all night? Or when you see a girl downtown and its 3 a.m. and her makeup looks like she just got it done? The trick is not to have a personal makeup artist follow you around all night, but to have the perfect setting spray!

Setting spray is exactly like hairspray, but for your face, and without the clogging of any pores. Urban Decay makes an amazing setting spray called the All Nighter. For only $35 it is definitely worth spending money on this weightless formula that does not feel sticky or tight on the face.

Seeing as how summer is just around the corner, this is the perfect time to grab a setting spray for your makeup. It is going to get hot and if you are travelling to an even warmer place where the humidity is out of control, this product is a must have on your list of things to pack. All Nighter also comes in two other forms, the Chill and De-Slick, which are the cooling/hydrating and oil control versions.

Another great product is the Fix+ spray from MAC Cosmetics. It is a great hydrating mist to put on after makeup and it can be used throughout the day to feel refreshed. It does not work as well as the Urban Decay in terms of setting the makeup after only one use, but it is great to have in your purse for the summer to add refreshment to your skin. It comes in a regular size as well as a travel size.

Obviously you can find the Fix+ spray in any MAC or MAC at the Bay locations, and the Urban Decay All Nighter can be found in Sephora. Both are amazing products to have, especially for the summer to beat the heat and humidity!