Major high tech investment comes to Richmond

Dec 19 2017, 10:53 am

China Fiber Optic Network System Group Ltd. and F-Pacific Optical Communication Co. Ltd. (the Group) launched their first ceramic ferrule project in Canada at a Vancouver conference today.

This project brings 200 jobs to Richmond and an estimated profit of $10 million over the next year with the potential to reach $200-$300 million three years from now.

“Richmond is the place for high tech industry,” says Richmond Councillor Chak Kwong Au. “These jobs are high-paying, quality jobs because this is a high tech company so they need lots of skilled labour.”

Ceramic ferrule, a special high-precision ceramic part mainly used in fiber optic cords, will be shipped to China since there is already a market demand for its products.

One of the major reasons behind the Group’s decision to start its first zirconia ceramic ferrule production line in Canada is because of the country’s strict intellectual property laws, according to the Honourable Teresa Wat, Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China and Minister of International Trade.

“Canada is known for its great intellectual property rights which provide us with a very safe environment,” says Wat.

Intellectual property is “anything relating to an idea, which have a commercial value similarly to a tangible asset,” according to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. This includes inventions, new technologies or brands, and original designs.

“In Canada, we really value innovation of individuals and so we try our best to protect our rights,” says Counc. Au. “If you violate intellectual property rights here, we will bring it to court, and the punishment would be very heavy.”

Although China has comprehensible legislations to protect intellectual property, there are many loopholes in the implementation of those laws, adds Counc. Au.

The Group also promises to bring more opportunities in research and development to B.C. as they plan to make Richmond their regional North American headquarter in three years.

F-Pacific Optical Communications Co., Ltd., based in Richmond, B.C., is a Canadian subsidiary of China Fiber Optic Network System Group Ltd., which is currently the largest manufacturer of fiber optic patch cords in China.