Main Streat Food Party on July 5

Dec 19 2017, 11:04 am

Food, Art, Lights, Tech and a Tank… Vancity Buzz is proud to present the Hawkers Market Main ‘Streat’ Food Party on July 5. This is not your traditional street food market…

The next instalment of Hawkers pushes in the direction of crafting more experiences to go along with your food. It’s also becoming an art and music venue as part of its aim to create a theme that unites food, art and tech with music.

“Collaborations are driving the market into new directions we have yet to see at anywhere in Canada,” said Chris Jerome, Director of Hawkers Market. “We are pushing beyond just food to offer a curated experience that changes with each market, as much as the food does which is always the core of what we offer.”

The venue host is Maker Labs, which is a new maker space by Derek Gaw and Dallas Luther that provides people with the tools and skills to bring ideas to tangible life. What kind of ideas? Well the kind you make with laser cutters, 3D printers, woodworking tools – you name it, Maker Labs is the spot to create something rad from your wildest dreams.

The evening of July 5 will feature laser cut art, light art, projected media, 3D printers and Maker Labs studio will be open for tours.

We hear rumblings of a pyramid art installation that people can even climb inside – to eat their pizza of course. 

Also, be on the look out for Sailin On Vegan Coconut Bacon. It’s made from coconut but tastes like delicious bacon – and it’s only available at Hawkers Market in Vancouver.

Lets talk about food and music: Hawkers will be alternating between both live band sets and DJ sets, switching periodically over the evening to keep your head nodding along while you eat, drink and play at the beer pong setup.

Some major highlights from the last market are back, including 33 Acres BrewingDickies Ginger, and Nuez Milk featuring a collaborative “Cookie Shooter” but for one evening only in two flavours: classic chocolate chip and chocolate caramel ganache. Some old favourites from last summer will return too like the nomadic popsicle cart Nice Pops.

New additions to the market include Community Pizzeria and The Chilli Tank, which is a straight-up legit World War 1943 military soup kitchen of German descent.

Another notable hawker at the market is the brand new Apothecary Bitters who just launched and successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign to create a company that handcrafts bitters that are unique and seasonal. Watch for a collaboration here in the cocktail department, as always Hawkers will be well stocked and have you covered for drinks.

“Fried chicken and waffle sandwiches are also going to be a big hit at this market,” said Chris. “We have Joel Oschendorf launching Oxtale. He has done a couple collaborations with the market but this is his first foray into stepping out on his own with a concept we are really excited for it.”

So there you have it Vancouver – it all goes down on July 5 at 196 Kingsway Maker Labs from 5 p.m. until late night.

Whether you are into food, culture, tech, music or craft brews, Hawkers Market definitely has you covered for an amazing night. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind event!

Main Streat Food Party

Date: July 5, 2014
Location: Maker Labs, 196 Kingsway
Tickets: Available and help support local Canadian food entrepreneurship at for $10