Vancity x Daily Hive: We want to hear your favourite "Made in Vancouver" creators

Apr 27 2021, 9:01 pm

Made in Vancouver is a collaboration between Vancity and Daily Hive. Together, we’re turning the spotlight onto local businesses, organizations, and individuals who are helping to create a healthy local economy.

I am a proud Vancouverite.

And out of that love for this city, a passion project called Vancity Buzz was born. Of course, you know it today as this very publication, Daily Hive.

From day one, Daily Hive was always meant to be the place where we share the cool things we found around town. Those “heard from a friend” type mom and pop restaurants down the street. The startup in stealth mode in a live-work loft. That discovery on Instagram or TikTok of someone making things by hand in their living room.

But following a passion takes on new meaning in a COVID era. Health is paramount. Restrictions make things complicated. Money is tight. Housing and the job market is tough. I can only imagine what it entails to launch or build a passion project today. And I have the utmost respect for anyone who follows their passion. 

From our passion project, Daily Hive, to the many passion projects around Vancouver, I am thrilled to announce our new partnership with Vancity.

Made in Vancouver” is a new space on Daily Hive that will showcase local businesses, organizations and individuals that are following their passion — and in the process helping to create the healthy, vibrant and unique community that is Vancouver.

From our humble roots in a basement in East Vancouver, it has been quite the journey over these last 12 years. And it is surreal to have the opportunity to align our brand with Vancity’s, in order to spotlight more passion project stories like ours.

Together, with Vancity, we hope to both inspire the next generation of creators and founders, and bring well deserved awareness and appreciation to those that are already in our local community doing cool and unique things.

“Vancity doesn’t serve shareholders, we serve our members, and they can only prosper and flourish when the community around them is strong and resilient. There has never been a more important time to turn the spotlight on our local community members and rally behind them with our support, and our dollars,” said Dave Perri, Chief Member Services Officer, Vancity.

“We’re excited to partner with Daily Hive to profile businesses and members in our communities who are working so hard to create a clean and fair world. These profiles will bring awareness to these amazing businesses and individuals so all of us – who have the power to put our money where our values are – can think, shop and click local.”

It’s your turn Vancouver.

Tell us about your passion projects. Throw us links to your favourite musicians. Send us to your favourite pizza spot. Someone in your community doing something cool, and just need some love? We want to hear about it.

It has been a tough year. But, Vancouver is an amazing place, filled with incredibly resilient, creative and passionate people. Let’s celebrate them. We all need this.

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On behalf of our partners at Vancity, and the entire Daily Hive Team, a preemptive thank you to all the passionate people that make Vancouver incredible — and we look forward to hearing from you!

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