Vancouver-made luxury dog trailers are fit for man's best friend

Dec 19 2017, 11:38 am

Dog lovers can now show their pooch just how much they love them with a custom designed luxury pet trailer.

Straight Line Designs is a Vancouver-based company that recently launched a line of pet trailers that owner Judson Beaumont describes as “a doghouse on wheels”.

Beaumont said that he was inspired the create the pet trailers after he bought his daughter a puppy in 2007. This initiated the idea of creating something with wheels so that the dog house could be moved around easily.

Image: Straight Line Designs

Many of Straight Line Design’s pet trailers showcase iconic 1950s style trailers using environmentally friendly materials such as aluminium, wood and plastic laminate.

The luxury trailers start at around $800 and range up to $3000 which include a variety of customisable details for your pooch such as lighting and wallpaper. All of Beaumont’s designs come with personalised license plates, steel cups and LED lights inside.

“People think $800 is a ridiculously large amount to spend on a dog house, but anything made by hand and from scratch is going to be quite expensive,” he told Vancity Buzz.

Image: Straight Line Designs

Individuals that wish to design their own pet trailer can do so by customising colours, materials and sizes according to the dog that they have. The company takes pride in their ability to ship across the world; individuals can allow up to 8 weeks for their trailer to be built and then shipped off.

“They’re not for everyone, but they do put a smile on your face,” Beaumont said.

Image: Straight Line Designs


Images: Straight Line Designs