Lululemon founder Chip Wilson throws his financial support for the seawall expansion

Last week Chip Wilson saved the laughing statues at English Bay, BIV is now local billionaire and founder of lululemon, has stated that he too wants to see the City of Vancouver expand the seawall to Jericho Beach. He is the second person, the other an anonymous donor, that has lent their financial support to see a bike and running path connecting Kitsilano Beach and Jericho Beach.

The initial discussion was prompted when an anonymous donor stated that he/she would provide $10 million to the city to make this a reality. Chip Wilson won’t be donating anything close to that but his contribution, however much it is, is definitely welcomed to a cash strapped parks board.

The decision to expand the seawall has been put on hold by the Vancouver Park Board on July 23. This decision was made after Point Grey residents voiced their concerns of the environmental impact this would have on the west side quiet beaches. Basically what the residents are really concerned about is the disruption of their secluded sanctuary from “normal” Vancouverites. The environmental impact is just a disguise.

Image by Julian.C.