Los Angeles Fashion Week welcomes Vancouver talent

Dec 19 2017, 9:02 pm

From the Opening Gala at prestigious Columbia Square on Sunset Boulevard to the legendary model Veruschka walking for designer Esther Perbandt, Los Angeles Fashion Week has grown dramatically – both in stature and reputation.

Los Angeles Fashion Week

Opening Gala runway performance. Image: RicoMejia.com

Growing LAFW from an event with a troubled past to representing a new standard on the west coast, is thanks to Vancouverite Arthur ‘Tito’ Chipman.

Image: RicoMejia.com

Arthur ‘Tito’ Chipman. Image: RicoMejia.com

Arthur has assumed the helm as the Executive Producer of LAFW and after several years working at Vancouver’s own fashion week, he is more than comfortable calling the shots down south in the City of Angels. His Fashion Director is comfortably ensconced behind the scenes and ensuring the show goes off without a hitch.

LAFW showcased some of the best award-winning talent from Los Angeles and all over the world including many emerging, established, and internationally renowned designers, such as George Styler, Marcelo Quadros, and Toit Volant.

Los Angeles Fashion Week

Designers George Styler, Marcelo Quadros, and Toit Volant. Image: RicoMejia.com

VCB asked Arthur Chipman about the decision to move his family and career dreams south.

When did you make the decision to move and what was the impetus?

I decided to move to California just over a year ago. A big part of the decision was my love for the LA lifestyle, family residing nearby, and once in a lifetime career growth opportunities.

How are you enjoying the fashion community in LA?

The fashion community in LA is extremely diverse, very talented, and some of the most innovative risk takers I’ve ever met. I love it here. It’s really inspiring to be a part of this creative movement of fashion and art where even the big names like Tom ford, Saint Laurent, Burberry and more are choosing to show here, over other cities. It just goes to show the potential of what a city like LA has.

Why do you think Vancouver talent should venture out of their comfort zone (VFW, VALT, ECO) and hit a wider world market to achieve success?

For models and talent alike who choose to come south of the border, just know that with bigger risk comes bigger reward. So never fear the unknown as it could be the best thing to ever happen to you.

Los Angeles Fashion Week

Image: RicoMejia.com

This season, recognizable Vancouverites were representing at LAFW. Therés Amee (host, actor, model, director), Samantha Sito (freelance style & Entertainment Writer), Tatianna Taylor-Tait (co-owner/designer at PaeganRitual.com), Jihan Amer (Wilhemina Curve Model and actor), and Yasmin Morshedian (MUAH at OWN Network).

Given that LAFW now boasts 40 worldwide collections, over 20,000 guests and has a social media reach of 50,000,000, is it any wonder why these women packed it up for a week and headed down to the sunshine? In the end, after all the runway shows are over, they returned to Vancouver wiser and definitely are sharing what they learned with their friends and associates.

Los Angeles Fashion Week

Therés Amee working with documentary crew at LAFW. Image: Jihan Amer

For Therés Amee, being in front of the camera comes naturally so it was only fitting that she obtained a clothing sponsorship from local start-up MyModernCloset.com. Therés Amee had also worked with Tito at VFW for many years, feels that the LAFW experience “Is always chaotic fun. Being a part of a Canadian innovation in the American fashion scene is a celebratory collaboration. There is so much Canadian talent that needs to be spread down south and recognized.”

Image: Therés Amee

Jihan Amer on runway. Image: Therés Amee

Jihan, one of Canada’s top curve models, walked the runway in the ‘Efflorescence Collection’ for designer Jenine Nerecina and relished the experience. “I had the pleasure of walking for the breathtaking Cosmogyral show and I loved how Jenine showcased women of all sizes. The energy from the red carpet to backstage was surreal and proved to me that LA is where I need to be in order to be at the forefront of fashion.”

Los Angeles Fashion Week

Back stage at LAFW. Images: Therés Amee

“I think that bloggers, writers, and individuals in fashion, regardless of where in the world they reside in, hit a point where they want to see what the culture of fashion is like and how fashion week is different from city to city, country to county. LAFW was a new experience, and definitely an exciting one and having familiar faces to share it with was the icing on the cake.” – Samantha Sito of Otisamantha.com

The next LAFW is in October 2016 and registration for designers is already available. Spread the word creative’s, we hear the weather is still very warm in LA in the fall. Umbrella’s not required!

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